2003 West Nile Count at 4,137 Cases

The total reported cases of West Nile Virus in Sept 2003 has hit 4,137, which is almost at last year's full total of 4,156. Last week was peak season for the virus, and saw 1,200 new cases reported.

Many mild virus cases are never reported as West Nile Virus, but on the other hand with more and more doctors understanding the symptoms of West Nile Virus each year, it is also true that far more cases are accurately reported each subsequent year.

Some estimates are that 100,000 actually get the virus and get a short (2-3 day) flu from it ... another 500,000 probably get bitten by an infected mosquito and have no reaction at all.

Only 80 people have died from West Nile so far this year. The total was 284 last year. Doctors say that with the widespread attention paid to the virus that most people who catch it are properly diagnosed and treated before the virus gets bad.

Over a third of the cases reported this year have come from Colorado. South Dakota and Nebraska are other current hot spots.

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