How to Choose a BirdBath

While it's important to put out foods that your feathered friends will enjoy, it's even more important to provide them with a fresh source of water. Make sure that you choose a birdbath that is both enjoyed by the birds and safe for their use.

First, choose a sturdy birdbath. You don't want it tipping over when a bird lands on it or splashes around in it! Some pretty big birds - like doves or bluejays - will probably be using it. Make sure the bath stands up to a fair amount of shaking.

Make sure the bath isn't more than 2" deep when filled with water. Birds will not only be drinking from this water, but also splashing in it to keep their feathers clean and to keep cool in the summer. You want the bird to be able to stand on the bottom while doing this. Try putting a few flat rocks in so that smaller birds have something they can stand on.

Keep the water filled and change it regularly. You wouldn't enjoy drinking a muddy, slime-filled glass of water - and the birds don't like it either. Also, stagnant water can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

If you can, rig up a small fountain or drip system for your water. Birds love moving water and the sound of the fountain or drips will draw them in.

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