Mosquito Tips - Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets

The claim is that millions of people in Florida rely on Bounce fabric softener sheets to keep away mosquitoes. True or false, does this really help?

Well first, the only web pages I could find with this claim also made the thoroughly disproven claims about Lemon Fresh Joy and Vitamin B-1/Thiamine. So the fact that they were with other false claims is not very encouraging. Still, sometimes a nugget of truth can hide amongst other deceits.

I did finally get my hands on some Bounce fabric softeners, and waited for an appropriate evening to test them out. Sure enough, reading on the back porch, the mosquitoes descended. I went inside and got 2 Bounce sheets. I rubbed one along my legs for extra luck and then put both sheets on my shoes. The mosquitoes did NOT care at all. They landed right on my legs, flew right past the Bounce sheets, and attempted to eat me just as thoroughly.

I'm afraid the Bounce mosquito legend is a HOAX!!

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