Mosquito Tips - Off! Hanging Mosquito Lantern

When I get bit by a mosquito, I have the bump for weeks. I tried keeping them away with the Off! Hanging Mosquito Lantern. It looks nice, but how did it perform?

First, let me say that I didn't try this in a deep swamp. We have a good sized back yard that is against an open forest. We sat at our picnic table on our small deck and lit up the candle in the torch about 2' from our table.

In essence you put a pesticide-saturated strip of material over the candle, and the candle's warmth releases the pesticides into the air. It only lasts 4 hours, and the instructions say to put the product up wind, so the wind blows the smoke across you to surround you in safety. Of course in the precautions they say "Harmful if swallowed or inhaled. Avoid breathing vapors." Excuse me? So you have to wear a SCUBA mask while you sit in the air stream.

In any case, as luck had it the wind did blow the stream of smoke RIGHT into our faces. And the mosquitoes buzzed right in the stream while they chose the perfect spot on our arms and legs to land on. And they landed, in the stream, and began to bite. Not just one or two, but quite a few.

We gave the experiment about 1/2 hour before declaring it a complete failure.

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