Yellow Fever and Mosquitos

Yellow Fever should not be confused with malaria. Both diseases are transmitted by mosquitos, and both are found primarily in Africa. In Malaria's case, 90% of deaths are in Africa, but not all. With Yellow Fever, pretty much 100% of all cases are in Africa.

Yellow Fever is caused by the yellow fever virus, which a mosquito sucks out of an infected person during the biting process. When the mosquito then goes to suck on another person, the saliva passes the virus along.

Yellow Fever can cause liver and kidney failure. The failure of these organs lead to jaundice, which gives a yellowish tinge to the skin. That is why the fever has its name. It can then lead to shock and death. It can take anywhere from 3-6 days for the full symptoms to take hold in an infected person.

There is a vaccine for Yellow Fever, but if you get it while not vaccinated, the treatment involves a great deal of liquids and bed rest while your body attempts to fight off the disease. Therefore it's best, if you're going to travel to an area known for this disease, to get your vaccinations before you go.

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