Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough:
Listing of Inventions & Photo Combinations

General Use Items

Work Shoes
Recipe found: top level of fix-it shop
Constructor: That's the circle thing in the lower level of the fix-it shop
Cloth: in Parn's house
Ladder: Parn's house, In the engine room of the train (must wait until end of Chap 1)

Recipe found: in the police station
Wheat Flour: In the pumpkin item shop, across from the main counter
Polly's Bakery Sign: Yup, in front of her bakery
Fireplace: In your house - you can't go there until after you fully finish the first dungeon

Recipe found: Mayor's office
Fountain: by train station
Window: in Claire's house
Wooden box: all over

Listing of Inventions & Photo Combinations

Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

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