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Mass 3rd Infantry - Company B
9 Month Tour

Company B came back for the 9 Month tour which ran, for most of the men, from Sept 26, 1862 to June 26, 1863.

  • Thomas B Griffith, Captain, Carver
  • Charles A S Perkins, 1st Lieut, Plymouth
  • William S Briggs, 3nd Lieut, Midldeboro
  • Asa Shaw, 1st Sergt, Middleboro
  • Charles W Griffith, Sergt, Carver
  • Job B Oldham, Sergt, Plymouth
  • Benjamin S Atwod, Sergt, Plympton
  • James H Robbins - Sergt - Res. Plymouth; 31, shoemaker, enl. Sept 19, 1862; must Sept 26, 1862; must out June 26, 1863. See Co. "B" 3d Mass. Inf. (3 mos).
  • George H Shaw, Corpl, Carver
  • John M Cobb, Corpl, Carver
  • Hosem C Bumpus, Corpl, Wareham
  • Andrew D. Merritt, Corpl, Carver
  • Amasa M Bartlett, Corpl, Plymouth
  • Charles M Perry, Corpl, Plymouth
  • Gideon Shurtleff, Corpl, Middleboro
  • William S White, Corpl, Plympton
  • John Murdock, Music, Carver
  • Edward L Robbins, Music, Plymouth
  • Lorenzo N Shaw, Wagoner, Carver

  • Atwood, Ebenezer E, Priv, Carver
  • Atwood, Josiah W, Priv, Carver
  • Atwood, Stephen T, Priv, Carver
  • Barnes, Benjamin F, Priv, Plymouth
  • Bartlett, John M, Priv, Wareham
  • Bates, James H, Priv, Carver
  • Bates, Nathaniel B, Priv, Carver
  • Bradford, Ebenezer N, Priv, Plymouth
  • ...
  • Place, Charles C, Priv, Plymouth
  • Places, Isaac H, Priv, Plymouth
  • Ramadell, Cornelius, Priv, Middleboro
  • Raymond, Samuel B, Priv, Plymouth
  • Raymond, Thomas W, Priv, Rochcater
  • Robbins, Herbert, Priv, Plymouth
  • Sampson, John, Priv, Wareham
  • Sears, James F, Priv, Plymouth
  • Shaw, Alonzo D, Priv, Carver
  • Shaw, Edward W, Priv, Carver
  • Shaw, Ezra, Priv, Middleboro
  • Shaw, Jesse M, Priv, Carver
  • Shaw, Nathaniel Jr, Priv, Carver
  • Sherman, James E, Priv, Plympton
  • Sherman, Leander L, Priv, Plymouth
  • Shurtleff, Benjamin Jr, Priv, Middleboro
  • Smith, Tomas, Priv, Plymouth
  • Spooner, William F, Priv, Plymouth
  • Stringer, Andrew, Priv, Carver
  • Tillson, George W, Priv, Carver
  • Ward, Ansel R, Priv, Carver
  • Washburn, Joseph G, Priv, Carver
  • Willis, Marcus M, Priv, Middleboro
  • Wright, Edward S, Priv, Plympton
  • Wrightington, Henry - Priv - Res Middleboro ; 23; farmer; enl. Sept 19 1862; must Sept 26, 1862; must out June 26, 1863.

Mass 3rd Company B, 3 Month Tour
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