John Patrick Shea

John Patrick Shea was the first generation of Sheas to be born in the US. His father, Mathew Shea, was born in Ireland. John is the brother of Matthew L Shea who is in our line.

Born: 1869, Attleboro Massachusetts (record in site, vol 214, page 84)
Note: According to, this is the first Shea they know about being in Massachusetts (in terms of vital records) from 1841 on.

Married: Mary L. Riley in North Attleboro MA in 1900

Highest school grade completed: 8th
Occupation: Jeweler. 1940 census says toolmaker at a jewelry shop.

Laurence, married Marion (moved to PA)

In 1940, the Census has John P. and Mary L. Shea living in North Attleboro, MA. They are living there with Mary's three sisters - Ann Riley 63, Julia A. Riley 60 teacher, and Genevieve Riley 58 bookkeeper at a jewelry shop. Mary at the time was 65.

From Kathy - a descendant of John Patrick Shea -

As far as I know John and Mary were born in Mass. They are both buried in St Mary's Cemetery in N. Attleboro. John was a jeweler. My father in law has Matthew and John's tools from the Jewelry business.

John's son Laurence and his wife Marion moved to Bucks County Pennsylvania in the 1940s. That's where I came in. My husband and I were born there as well as our children. But we currently live in central Pennsylvania.


Most of Steve's stories are from the 1940s and 50s. He remembers Aunt Ag (Agnes Shea, John P's sister) and says she never married. Dan never married either and Agnes took care of him. John and Mary lived at 4 Forest Place in N. Attleboro. He doesn't remember to much about John F Shea. He seemed to think he drove a taxi for a living?? [Yes indeed!]

Picture of John and Mary Shea -

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Here are the 1940 census images for John P. Shea. Click on each one for a larger version.

Full Page for the John P Shea 1940 Census Image - ED3-77, sheet 25

Matthew Shea, his father
Caroline Kelley, his mother

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