Old Dutch Sleepy Hollow Church Records
Volume 2

Second English Record Book (to 1866)
Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow
North Tarrytown NY
David M Clarke 1963

In 1866 outgrown, retired, to First Reformed Church in North Tarrytown

Membership - Rev George DuBois became pastor in 837

11.5.1808: Abraham P See & wife Elizabeth
5.30.1812: Catharine Krank Devoe, Leah See
1.13.1817: John A See and Maria, his wife. James See. Andrew See.

7.19.1817: Julia Ann, wife of Andrew See.

1831: Martha See, Caroline See, Elizabeth See, Adeline See Van Wart, wife of Wm Van Wart

1833: Isaac T See

1835: Isaac See, Jr

Received during Rev George DuBois pastorate

1838: (rec'd upon confession of their faith) Leah See,
William F See and wife received by certificate

1839: (Recd etc)
George Combs See, Henry S See, James P See & Abbe Pemile, his wife
memb by cert: Sophia See

1840: memb by cert
Cornelius See
John D See & Susan, wife

1842: conf
Melvina See, Susan Jane See, Eliza See wife of Montgomery

1843: conf:
Theodore See, Mary See, Susan D See, Ann Maria See
Israel See, Sarah Jane See, William B See, Leander See
Peter See, Peter E See, James S See, Mary See, Cornelia See, Rachel See, Ann Elizabeth See
Peter Augustus See, Abraham D Moor & Sarah Ann See, his wife
Alexander See & Elmira, his wife
John A Van Tassel & Julia See, his wife

Rev Joseph Wilson Pastorate
11.22.1845: cert
Mary Jane Bird, wife of P A See

5.22.1847: Hannah Elizabeth See conf
11.25.1848: cert
John Alexander See & Elmira, wife
William Brown See

Rev John Mason's Pastorate

2.15.1851: cert Miss Leah See

Rev Abel T Stewart's Pastorate

Margaret Jane See, con
Sophia See, con
Cornelius S See & Cornelia Warner wife: cert
5 1853: J Benedict See, conf
5.20.1854: Mary Etta See conf
William H See & Gertrude Beekman wf conf
5.27.1855: WIlliam Frederick See conf
8.17.1862: Harriet See, conf
2.21.1864: Susan Ann See conf
Hanna Mariah See conf

4.18.1864 or 5.14.1864

Jane Elizabeth See, conf. Hanna Ann ASee, conf

List of members, compiled by Rev George DuBois when installed in 1838:
(date Rec'd)

Abraham P See and Elizabeth, wife 11.5.1808
Leah See, 5.30.1812
John A See & Maria his wife 1.15.1817

Andrew See, 1.15.1817
James See 1.15.1817

Julia Ann See (Mrs Andrew See) 7.19.1817
Adeline See (Mrs Wm Van Wart) 1831
Martha See 1831
Caroline See 1831
Elizabeth See 1831
Isaac T See 1833
Isaac See Jr 1835
Leah See 1838
William F See 1838
Mrs William F See 1838
Sophia See 1839
George Combs See 1839
Henry S See 1839
James P See 1839
Abbe Pemile See wf James P See 1839
Cornelius S See 1840
John D See 1840
Susan See wf John D 1840
William See 1841
Eliza wf William See 1841
Eliza See wf Montgomery 1842
Susan Jane See 1842
Melvina See 1842
Sarah Ann See wf Abraham D, Moor 1843
Alexander See 1843
Elmira wf Alexander See 1843
Theodore See 1843
Israel See 1843
Mary See 1843
Sarah Jane See 1843
Susan D See 143
William B See 1843
AnnMaria See 1843
Leander See 1843
Rachel See 1843
Julia See wf John A Van Tassell 1843
Peter See 1843
Peter E See 1843
James S See 1843
Ann Elizabeth See 1843
Mary See 1843
Cornelia See 1843
Peter Augustus See 1843
Mary Jane Bird wf of P A See 11.22.1845
Hannah Elizabeth See 5.22.1847
John Alexander See 11.25.1848
Elmira, wf of John A See 11.25.1848
WIlliam Brown See 11.25.1848
Miss Leah See 2.15.1852
John A See Van Tassel 2.15.1852
Mary, wf of John A S Van Tassell 2.15.1852

Rev Abel T Stewart, Pastol, installed Aug 1852
Members received, date received

Cornelius S See 8.14.1852
Cornelia Warner, his wife 8.14.1852
Margaret Jane See 8.14.1852
Sophia See 8.14.1852
J Benedict See May 1853
William H See May 20 1854
Gertrude Beekman wf of Wm H See May 20 1854
Mary Etta See 5.20.1854
William Frederick See 5.27.1855
William L See 5.27.1855
Charlotte S Riley (Mrs J B See) 11.18.1855
Harriet See 8.17.1862
Susan Ann See 2.21.1864
Hannah Mariah See 2.21.1864
Jane Elizabeth See 4.18.1864
Hannah Ann See 4.18.1864

Marriages: Rev George DuBois, Pastor

Sarah Ann SEE to Abrm Davis Moor, 3.29.1838
Daniel Jones to Sally Ann Sherwood - wit Isaac SEE 6.6.1838
John R Lounsbury of NY toSusan Sophia Tompkins - wit Henry See and wife 6.10.1838
Aaron B Smith to Rachel A SEE both of Tarrytown. Witn Charles D Killam 10.26.1838
John J See to Eveline Twitching b of Tarrytown 12.12.1838
Isaac See to Rachel Dutcher 4.8.1839
James See to Sophia See 4.9.1839
John A See to Elmira See in the church, 1.12.1842
George C See to Abigail Storms, at the house of Jacob Storms 12.28.1842

Rev Joseph Wilson, Pastor

Thomas See to Letitia An Bird of Tarrytown Witness Mary Ann Wilson 5.26.1845
Peter See to Deborah Bassett 1.10.1846
Michael Mann to Ann Amelia See at home, Wfm F. See (?) 12.6.1848
Israel Cox See to Eliza Ann Brown, at Wm Brown's 6.13.1849

During Pastorate of Rev John Mason Ferris

John Q Adams to Susan D See, 8.6.1851

Marriages by Rev AT Stewart

John A Van Tassell to Julia Ann See 3.29.1853
William Rogers and Caroline See 2.12.1854
Gilbert D Revere and Sarah G See 10.4.1854
John Devoe and Sophia Louisa See 3.24.1857


Ann Eliza See, daughter of Edward Van Tassel and Jane DeReviere was born May 12 1837, baptised January 1838 ?? (See must be second "middle name" - no kids have last names listed)
Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of William F See and Mary Ann Davis was born 6.26.1837, baptised Jan 1838
Mary Emily, daughter of William F See and Mary Ann Davis was born 6.29.1836, baptised Jan 1838 (listed after prev one)
John, son of Abraham Devoe and Maria Clarissa See was born Feb 16 1836, bapt Jan 1838
John Henry son of Henry See and Nancy S Tompkins was born Sept 22 1834, bapt Jan 1838
Catharine Elizabeth daughter of Henry See and Nancy S Tompkins was born Dec 22 1836, Bapt Jan 1838
Jane Amelia daughter of William F Van Wart and Adaline See was born 7.17.1836, bapt 7.1838
Ann Augusta, daughter of William F Van Wart an dAdaline See was born 3.19.1838 bapt 7.1838
Elizabeth, daughter of Abraham Devoe and Maria Clarissa See was born 7.31.1835 bapt Oct 1838
Amanda, daugher of Henry See and Nancy Tompkins was born? baptised Oct 1838
James Henry, son of William F See and Mary Ann Davis was born 1.14.1839, bapt 1.28.1840
Leander, son of Abraham Devoe and Maria Clarissa See was born Oct 7 1839 bapt 1.28.1840
Emily, daughter of Andrew See and Julia Ann, his wife, was born Oct 11 1839, bapt Jan 28 1840
Charles Alexander, son of William F Van Wart and Adaline See was born 11.31.1839 bapt 1.28.1840
Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Cornelius See and Cornelia Warner was born 3.11.1841, bapt 5.1841
Isaac Sylvester son of Henry See and Nancy S Tompkins was born 1.14.1840, bapt 5.1841
Sarah Frances, daughter of William F Van Wart and Adaline See was born 1.4.1843, bapt 4.1843
Alpheus Dubois, son of John Alexander See and Elmira See was born 12.26.1842, bapt Apr 1843
Mary, daugher of Abraham Devoe and Maria Clarissa See was born 7.27.1843, bapt Oct 1843
John Jacob, son of George C See and Abigal Mary Storms was born Oct 23 1843, bapt Jan 1844
Sarah Maria, daugher of William See and Eliza Ann See was born 7.30.1844, bapt Oct 26 1844
James Albert, son of Peter Augustus See and Mary Jane Bird was born 10.19.1844, bapt 5.25.1845
Edward Francis, son of Peter Augustus See and Mary Jane Bird was born Sept 18 1846 bapt 2.20.1847
Alice, daughter of Henry See and Nnacy S Tompkins was bapt 11.20.1847
Joseph Sumner, son of John A See and Elmira See was born Aug 2 1848, bapt 11.25.1848
Ann Maria, daughter of Abraham Devoe and Maria Clarissa See was born 12.10.1847, bapt 12.25.1848
Israel Newton, son of Israel C See and Eliza Brown was born Apr 29 1850, bapt Aug 18 1850
Ann Augusta daughter of Henry See and Nancy S Tompkins was born 5.6.1850 bapt Nov 15 1850
Emma Frances, daughter of Peter A See and Mary Jane Bird was baptised Feb 14 1852
Jessie Emma, daughter of Abraham Devoe and Maria Clarissa See was born 1.6.1851, bapt 1853
Annie Eliza, daughter of William H See and Gertrude Beekman, born 7.20.1845, bapt 1853
Hana Field, daughter of WIlliam H See and Gertrude Beekman, born 11.24.1847, bapt 1853
Abel Stewart, son of WIlliam H See and Gertrude Beekman, born 1.13.1853, bapt 1853
Maryetta See, adult; baptised May 21 1854
Annie, daughter of John Van Tassel and Julie Ann See, baptised July 2 1854
Mary Augusta daughter of Israel See an dEliza Brown, born 1.16.1856, bapt Aug 24 1856
Alida, daughter of Peter A See and Mary Jane, his wife, born Sept 12 1857, bapt 5.23.1858
Maria Louisa, daughter of Anthony Maitland See and Susan, his wife, born 3.5.1853, bapt 3.19.1860
Ann Augusta, daughter of Anthony Maitland See and Susan, his wife, born July 4 1854, bapt 3.19.1860
Dewitt Clinton, son of Anthony Maitland See and Susan, his wife, born May 4 1858 bapt Mar 19 1860
Joseph, son of Frederick Godstruy and Louisa, his wife, born Oct 5 1859, bapt Sept 3 1860; wit: Israel See
John Alevander (sic), son of Sophia See, widow o fJohn Devoe, born June 10 1860, bapt May 14 1861
Edwin Francis, son of J Benedict See and Charlotte S, his wife, born 1.29.1861, bapt 5.26.1861
Harriet See, adult, baptised Aug 17 1862
Susan Ann See, adult, bapt 2.21.1864
Hannah Maria See, adult, bapt 2.21.1864
Jane Elizabeth See, adult, bapt 5.15.1864
Elizabeth Hudson, daughter of JB See and CHarlotte, his wife, born 4.18.1864, bapt 8.20.1864
Edward Mortimer and Frederick See, twin sons of John A Van Tassel and Julia Ann See, born 5.11.1865, bapt Nov 18 1865

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