Amanda / Mandy Malvina Oxendine
Lumbee American Indians

Born: 1823, Jackson County TN
Died: ?

Amanda Malvina Oxendine is the youngest of four children of Wilson Oxendine. Here are the four siblings:

Jonathan Oxendine, b1807, TN (subject of the Chancery records)
Polly Oxendine, b 1809 Jackson Co TN
Wilson Oxendine, b1810 Jackson Co TN; D 4/21/1862 St Louis MO
Amanda / Mandy Malvina Oxendine, b 1823 Jackson Co TN

Amanda was also known as Mandy. Interestingly, back in 1896 a mulatto male named Charles W. Chestnutt wrote a fictional book called "Mandy Oxendine" that was not published until quite recently. You can Buy Mandy Oxendine from You can also Read My Review of Mandy Oxendine. In any case, maybe the story is based on her?

But back to OUR Mandy. She was born, as we said, in 1823, in Jackson County, Tennessee.

Amanda Oxendine, unknown date

1830 White Cty Tennessee Census
By 1830, "Omy" Oxendyne is all alone in a household ("aged 30-40") with one daughter ("aged 10-15"). This would appear to be young Mandy who is barely 10 here. Note that I removed the names above her for this image. The other siblings have already flown the coop.

1840 White Cty Tennessee Census
In the 1840 White County Tennessee Census, we have Naomi Oxendine in District 11, Image 3 of 6
Tennessee, WHITE, Roll 536 Book 1, Page 40a

Naomi is listed as between 40-50. She has a female aged 15-20 living with her, and nobody else. This again seems to be Mandy who would now be 20. It also says Naomi is a tradeswoman and cannot read.

1850 Jackson County Tennessee Census
District 11 Family 1160 Page 640
For some reason, Amanda is found in Jackson County in 1850. We have:
Amanda Oxendine 27 F Tenn
Molly Gipson 24 F Tenn
David Gipson 4 M Tenn
William Gipson 1 M Tenn

So why did she move to Jackson County to live with an (assumed) friend and her 2 kids? Was Molly a widow who she went to help out?

From Charles / drudy *AT*
My name is Charles A. Barnum, I now live in Iowa, the city of Grinnell, I am writing to you and wish to give you some information you may not have- I was born and raised in the state of Louisian,and most of the family is still there.

Amanda Oxendine, marries Willian Washburn in New Orleans, she met him there-- why she was there I do not know. Upon marrying him, they homesteaded 160 acres on Ticfaw River in Livingston Parish. He and Amanda had two daughters, she had a son before their marriage. name was I think Thomas Martin. I never heard of him. He must have moved around Frost Louisian earlier on. Any way, the second daughter Rosella married Buck Smiley. They had Three daughters and two sons. there was Walter, (oldest)Jeanette,Hadee,Duley,and Alice.

Hadee married my grand father Norman E. Barnum and they had four children. they are James. Nora, Allen and Norman.

All of these are gone now leaving eight grand children from the four. I, Charles, (known as Andrew) am the third oldest grandchild of Hadee and Norman.

I do not know if you want this information or even need it but wish to thank you for the information on Amanda Oxendine, We knew where William Washburn came from but not where Amanada came from.

(from another letter) Amamda Oxendine Washburn is my great great grandmother. she married William Norman Washburn and their daughter Rosella is my great grand mother. and her daug. Hade is my grand mother. .

From GWill17438 *at*

Descendants of Amanda "Mandy" Oxendine

Generation No. 1

1. AMANDA "MANDY"2 OXENDINE (DAVID1) was born 10 Feb 1828 in Sparta, White Co., TN., and died 04 Jan 1891 in Livingston Parish, LA. She married (1) UNKNOWN MARTIN. She married (2) WILLIAM "NORMAN" WASHBURN Bet. 1853 - 1854 in New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA., son of SYLVANUS WASHBURN and SALONA MANSFIELD. He was born 04 Jul 1819 in Milton, Chittenden Co., VT., and died 31 Dec 1890 in Livingston Parish, LA.; buried in unmarked graves at Washburn-Smiley Cemetery located on their old homeplace.


2. i. THOMAS JOSEPH MARTIN3 NORMAN, b. 28 Nov 1850, Nashville, Davidson Co., TN.; d. 10 Sep 1890, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA.


3. ii. EVELINE3 WASHBURN, b. 15 Aug 1854, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA.; d. 08 Jan 1907, Livingston Parish, LA.

4. iii. ROSELLA WASHBURN, b. 12 Dec 1857, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA.; d. 30 Dec 1946, Springfield, Livingston Parish, LA.

Generation No. 2

2. THOMAS JOSEPH MARTIN3 NORMAN (AMANDA "MANDY"2 OXENDINE, DAVID1) was born 28 Nov 1850 in Nashville, Davidson Co., TN., and died 10 Sep 1890 in New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA. He married ELIZABETH WEAVER 1873 in New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA.

Notes for THOMAS JOSEPH MARTIN NORMAN: Thomas Joseph Martin stayed in New Orleans and assumed the name, Thomas Joseph Norman. [According to Grant Mayers, 6th generation descendant of William Norman & Amanda (Oxendine) Washburn]


i. ROSELLA4 NORMAN, b. 18 Jan 1877, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA.

ii. CHARLES SIDNEY NORMAN, b. 20 Nov 1884, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA.

iii. THOMAS JEFFERSON NORMAN, b. 10 Dec 1886, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA.

iv. RUTHA SELMA NORMAN, b. 21 Oct 1889, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA.

v. PETER JOSEPH NORMAN, b. 20 Feb 1890, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA.

3. EVELINE3 WASHBURN (AMANDA "MANDY"2 OXENDINE, DAVID1) was born 15 Aug 1854 in New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA., and died 08 Jan 1907 in Livingston Parish, LA. She married MARTIN LUDWIG AHRENS 11 Jun 1879 in Livingston Parish, LA., son of HENRY AHRENS and CATHERINE ROOS. He was born 04 Apr 1853 in New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA., and died 25 Aug 1926 in Livingston Parish, LA.; buried at Carter's Cemetery, Springfield, Livingston Parish, LA.


i. EDWARD4 AHRENS, b. 23 May 1882; d. 26 Jul 1935, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA; m. MARY MAXEY.

ii. MINNA EVELINE AHRENS, b. 20 Sep 1884; d. 04 Mar 1982, Houston, Harris Co., TX. [unmd.].

iii. JOHN FREDERICK AHRENS, b. 08 Nov 1886; d. 15 Apr 1965, Livingston Parish, LA.; buried at Carter's Cemetery; m. ANTOINETTE OCHMAN.

iv. ANNA "ANNIE" AMANDA AHRENS, b. 30 Jun 1889; d. 15 Feb 1982, Houston, Harris Co., TX; m. ALBERT C. ROBINSON.

v. CAROLINE M. AHRENS, b. 06 Jul 1892; d. 05 Jul 1933, Livingston Parish, LA.; buried at Carter's Cemetery. [unmd.].

vi. DORA AHRENS, b. 20 Feb 1896; d. 09 Jul 1973, Houston, Harris Co., TX.; m. OSCAR W. HALL.

4. ROSELLA3 WASHBURN (AMANDA "MANDY"2 OXENDINE, DAVID1) was born 12 Dec 1857 in New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA., and died 30 Dec 1946 in Springfield, Livingston Parish, LA. She married GEORGE BUCHANAN "BUCK" SMILEY 23 Dec 1880 in Livingston Parish, LA., son of JOHN SMILEY and CATHERINE DAVIDSON. He was born 13 Dec 1856 in Livingston Parish, LA., and died 13 Oct 1917 in Springfield, Livingston Parish, LA.; buried at Washburn-Smiley Cemetery.


i. WALTER4 SMILEY, b. 02 Aug 1881, Springfield, Livingston Parish, LA.; d. 01 Sep 1954, Springfield, Livingston Parish, LA.; buried at Washburn-Smiley Cemetery; m. ELIZABETH MCKINNEY.

ii. JULIET "NET" SMILEY, b. 23 Mar 1885, Springfield, Livingston Parish, LA.; d. 13 Apr 1935, Springfield, Livingston Parish, LA.; buried at Foster Cemetery; m. JOSEPH A. FOSTER.

iii. HAYDEE SMILEY, b. 30 Nov 1888, Springfield, Livingston Parish, LA.; d. 22 Feb 1943, Springfield, Livingston Parish, LA.; buried at Springfield Cemetery; m. NORMAN E. BARNUM.

iv. JULIUS SMILEY, b. 16 Apr 1893, Springfield, Livingston Parish, LA.; d. 28 Jul 1963, Springfield, Livingston Parish, LA.; buried at the Woodland Bapist Church Cemetery; m. MINNIE ANNA WALL.

v. ALICE SMILEY, b. 10 Mar 1897, Springfield, Livingston Parish, LA.; d. 18 Aug 1985, Hammond, Tangipahoa Parish, LA.; buried at Springfield Cemetery; m. THOMAS JEFFERSON WALL.

From Grand Mayers
"Hello my name Grant MAYERS of Louisiana. We have communicated before. I descend from Amanda OXENDINE daughter of David OXENDINE and Omi JACKSON. My mt-DNA passes through Omi JACKSON and her mother Margaret WILSON. Margaret may be the daughter of Andrew WILSON and Ruth Unknown. In order to bring in the Native American ancestry down to Omi JACKSON, her mother Margaret WILSON or Ruth Unknown would have to possess it. Do you agree with that??? My mt-DNA through my mother is "H" Haplogroup. This is not a Native American Haplogroup per my understanding of the said subject. Do you have some enlighten comments to help me here? PS: I am finally working on documenting my OXENDINE Family history. Thanks for your time."

Lisa's Notes:
Our mt-DNA testing of Elizabeth and Aisley Jane Oxendine - mt-DNA Research Notes - indicate both girls were Haplogroup "T". We don't know who their mother was, though, only that their father was Wilson Oxendine. Amanda was Wilson's sister. So your mtDNA line is completely separate from ours. Amanda and Wilson were the children of Naomi Oxendine. Naomi was the child of William Jackson and Margaret Wilson who appear to be English and Irish. So it makes sense that that line (up the mtDNA side) is NOT Native American.

From cprjon *AT* -

I am interested in one of the Oxendine photos, the lady with the white hat is in my brother's possession, he says it is Amanda Oxendine. I would like to know if you think it is and if you have any info on her. I believe she is one of our relatives.

I did find this record from Mansfield which had:

William Norman Washburn b: 4 Jul 1819 in Milton, VT d: 31 Dec 1890
+Amanda Malvina Oxendine (Martin) b: 10 Feb 1828 in Sparta, TN d: 4 Jan 1891

Sparta is in White County, TN. In 1820, there were only TWO Oxendine families in all of Tennessee. This is the Archibald Clan and the David Clan.

The Archibald Amanda is "under 10" in 1830. So about the same age range.

Both clans had a child called Amanda, but it seems more likely the Amanda Malvina would match this Amanda (actually born 1823) hanging out in White County ...

Amanda isn't part of my direct line; my line traces to Amanda's older brother, Wilson Oxendine.

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