Sailor Moon Episode Listing 1-40

Looking for a Sailor Moon episode from the first set of 40? Here is the listing.

1A Moon Star is Born 9/11/958/28/95
2Talk Radio9/12/958/29/95
3Slim City 9/13/958/30/95
4So You Want to be a Superstar 9/14/958/31/95
5Computer School Blues 9/15/959/1/95
6Time Bomb 9/18/959/6/95
7An Uncharmed Life 9/19/959/7/95
8Nightmare in Dreamland9/20/959/8/95
9Cruise Blues 9/21/959/11/95
10Fight to the Finish 9/22/959/12/95
11Match Point for Sailor Moon 9/25/959/13/95
12An Unnatural Phenomenon 9/26/959/14/95
13Wedding Day Blues 9/27/959/15/95
14Shutter Bugged9/28/959/18/95
15Dangerous Dollies 9/29/959/19/95
16Who is the Masked Man?10/2/959/20/95
17An Animated Mess 10/3/959/21/95
18Worth a Princess' Ransom 10/4/959/22/95
19Molly's Folly 10/5/959/25/95
20A Friend in Wolf's Clothing 10/6/959/26/95
21Jupiter Comes Thundering In 10/9/959/27/95
22The Power of Friendship 10/10/959/28/95
23Mercury's Mental Match 10/11/959/29/95
24An Artful Attack 10/12/95 10/2/95
25Too Many Girlfriends 10/13/9510/3/95
26Grandpa's Follies10/16/9510/4/95
27Kitty Chaos 10/17/9510/5/95
28Tuxedo Melvin10/18/9510/6/95
29Sailor V Makes the Scene 10/19/9510/9/95
30A Crystal Clear Destiny 10/20/95 10/10/95
31A Reluctant Princess 10/23/95 10/11/95
32Bad Hair Day 10/24/95 10/12/95
33Little Miss Manners 10/25/95 10/13/95
34Ski Bunny Blues 10/26/95 10/16/95
35Ice Princess 10/27/95 10/17/95
36Last Resort 10/30/95 10/18/95
37Tuxedo Unmasked 10/31/95 10/19/95
38Fractious Friends 11/1/95 10/20/95
39The Past Returns 11/2/95 10/23/95
40Day of Destiny11/3/95 10/24/95

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