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A number of people have been introduced to Robert B. Parker's worlds through the Hallmark series of made-for-TV movies based on Jesse Stone the police captain of Paradise, Massachusetts. Jesse Stone is played by Tom Selleck. You could say the actor Selleck is FAR too old to be playing the 34 for year old Jesse, but he does an admirable job with the melancholy and brooding of the character. So this is one of those cases where the TV version is different, but is equally good in its own way.

Interestingly, while the book story is based on an imaginary town called Paradise, located just north of Boston, the TV movies are shot in **Canada**. This sort of thing bugs me to no end.

The movie starts with a statement about where Paradise is: claims that 02587 is not a valid zip code. If you go by the GPS location, normally you have minutes and seconds so I'm completely baffled by a five digit "minutes" value. I imagine this is so you can't pinpoint it. When I try to convert the long number into minutes and seconds I end up west of Lowell, so not on the coast. In any case it is *supposed* to be on the coast, north of Boston, represented by that series of little towns that all have the old-homes-look.

So, back to the Canada issue. Massachusetts has a very distinctive coastline. We are not a Canadian coastline! But for some reason filmmakers feel they can just hop up to Canada and make something that is "close enough". They are actualy filming in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

So then we end up with scenes like this, where Jesse is going into an elevator, and right next to him is a mailbox that says CANADA MAIL!!!

It's a series of constant jarring reminders that he's not even in the right country, never mind the right state.

So in any case if you want to see the movie scenes you have to go all the way up to Halifax, which is in Canada, and NOT in Massachusetts :)

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