About Paradise, Mass

Robert B. Parker

Reviewed and Researched by Lisa Shea

Paradise, Massachusetts is the setting for Robert B. Parker's series about Jesse Stone, Police Chief. Jesse begins the series at age 34, in around the year 2000. This is NOT A REAL TOWN :) It is based on the towns located north of Boston. Here is what we know about Paradise.

First, it's oceanfront, and about 15 miles north of Boston. That puts it just south of Swampscott:

In book 2 we hear it's 45 minutes north from Channel 3 in Boston. I suppose it depends what time of day you're doing the driving :)

It is a town of massive seawalls, 18th century homes and spires.

* Paradise's beachfront on Atlantic Avenue
* Main Street leads to the Paradise Beach
* Condo - colonial landing, grey with white shutters
* Paradise Neck - eastern side of this is the harbor's edge
* Plumtree Point with a lighthouse and yacht club
* Indian Hill - high point
* Eel Pond has cottages around it
* Hawthorne Park
* Stiles Island - gated community, "appears" in book 2 3/4 mi long, 1/4 mi wide
* Geary and Preston street - form triangle - spot of gay house
* LaSalle Street, Ocean Avenue goes to Preston then to the neck
* Strawberry Point - Marcy's house

* Cop station on summer street
* Episcopalian church with a cobblestone driveway
* Office on the wharf
* White colonial meetinghouse on common
* Cove liquor store

* Grey Gull restaurant, family style with bar
* Village Room restaurant, colonial function hall
* Italian Submarine near wharf

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