Spenser for Hire

Gone Fishin'

Spenser, an eternal fan of marriage, is a bit soured by it on this episode. He starts out quoting Shelley with 'nothing is more hostile to happiness than marriage'. The actual quote from Shelley is A system could not well have been devised more studiously hostile to human happiness than marriage. But Spenser can be forgiven. His good friends are divorcing because Spenser found proof for the wife that his husband was cheating on her. The wife was none-too-pleased with the news. Then Spenser's apartment was broken into in a quite bizarre way, by thieves who did all but rip the wallpaper down from the walls. A bit extreme.

All Spenser wants to do is curl up with some Miles Davis.

So Spenser decides to go off to the Berkshires for some fishing, at the Walt Whitman Inn. Susan first refuses, because she has to study. She can't bring her textbook with her?? But then she goes along. But it turns out that a teen boy who needed help from Spenser is in deeper trouble than previously thought. Hawk and the boy show up at the Inn and soon they're shooting bullets wildly through the bedroom's door. What kind of an inn is this? The actual Walt Whitman Inn is a traditional B&B with interior rooms. Was Spenser really just shooting rampantly "into the center of the B&B"??

In any case, it turns out of course that love and marriage are involved, to tie all the themes together, and Spenser gives the lovebirds a hand. Then he teasingly tries to lure Susan into getting married - but she still refuses.

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