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I love Japan. I ran a feudal Japan group for Mensa for 12 years. I've never been, though! The gardens, the buildings, everything is so lovely and organized. I could stay in the Japanese area for hours and hours. They have a combination tempura restaurant and teppanyaki (table cooking) restaurant named Mitsokushi. Even their fast food area is great. You can take delicious freshly cooked foods and sit by the garden, listening to the Taiko drummers. That's a great way to spend a sunny afternoon. You even get plum wine if you wish!

They also have a fantastic netsuke exhibit. Netsuke are small carved "toggles" at the end of strings, that can be extremely beautiful. It's well worth a look.

The Japanese elegant structures are simply beautiful.

For a ton of photos of the Japanese area of Epcot, visit my Japanese Epcot Photo Slideshow

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