Japanese Movie Listing - E

There are certainly some interesting movies in the list beginning with the letter E. Enter the Ninja introduced a whole generation of schoolkids to the fun of being a ninja.

Early Spring (1956) (Soshun)
D: Ozu Yasujiro. A young office worker in Tokyo is bored with life, so he has an affair. His marriage on the rocks, he is transferred to a branch office where his wife joins him. As in most Ozu films, the plot is thin but the characterizations are rich. The title refers to the time of life when young people are starting out.

Early Summer (1951) (Bakushu)
D: Ozu Yasujiro. Bakushu means "barley autumn," referring to the season when barley is harvested, while Banshun means "late spring." Both films won First Prize as best films of their years in Kinema Junpo, the Japanese film criticism magazine. Bakushu is another shomin geki (common people's drama),this time a portrait of a family in Kamakura,shown through a series of anecdotes, again centering around the marraige of the daughter.

Eijanaika (1981) 151m.
Fascinating, compelling saga of corruption, politics, greed, power, deceit, focus on experiences of peasant who has just returned to Japan after being shipwrecked and sent to U.S. in 1960s. Fine performances, memorable finale. Cut to 127m. D: Shohei Imamura.

Empire of Passion (1978) 100m.
Sequel to In the Realm of the Senses. Peasant woman has an affair with village good-for-nothing. They murder her husband whose ghost returns to haunt them. Boring. D: Nagise Oshima.

Empire of the Sun (1987).
D: S. Spielberg. Christian Bale, John Malkovich. From J.G Ballard's autobiographical novel. The movie chronicles the Japanese occupation of China, the incarceration of foreign nationals in a concentration camp, and events leading up to the their liberation. Young Brit Bale gets a premature education about the world forced on him.

Enjo (1958) 96m.
Troubled, young novice priest cannot handle corruption around him, burns down a temple (conflagration) based on Yukio Mishimas novel, which was fashioned around a true story. D: Kon Ichikawa.

Enter the Ninja (1981)
This is the film that started the Ninja Craze in the '80's. The story focuses on an American named Cole (played by Franco Nero) who after years of training finally becomes a ninja. The film begins with his final "test" where he must battle a group of ninjas in the forest. After passing the test, he is initiated into the sect. The other ninjas toast him, with the exception of Hasegawa (played by Sho Kosugi) who angrily states that "he is no ninja". Cole leaves Japan and goes to visit his old war buddy in the Phillipines. He finds that a local "businessman" is trying to drive his buddy off his land any way he can. He comes to his defense. The businessman hires Hasegawa to get rid of Cole, and they duel to the death in a truly spectacular fight. (Without a doubt, Sho Kosugi steals the show. With this film Sho became the very personification of the ninja for millions of people around the world. - Richard Daniel)

Escapade in Japan (1957-US) 93m.
Location filming in Japan is prime asset of this modest story about an American youngster (Jon Provost) who searches for his parents after surviving a plane crash. Cameron Mitchell, Teresa Wright, Philip Ober. D: Arthur Lubin.

Eyes for Two (1946?)

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