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It's fascinating to me that even though the very name Japan begins with the letter J, that there's barely any movies about Japan that begin with that letter! Surely there are more that I just haven't heard of yet.

Japan 4 hrs
Documentary hosted by Jane Seymour.

Japanese War Bride (1952 - US)
D: King Vidor. Shirley Yamaguchi, Cameron Mitchell. WWII vets return to the US with their new brides.

Joe Butterfly (US: 1957) 90m
D: Jesse Hibbs. Variation on Teahouse of the August Moon, set in post-WWII Japan. American soldiers at mercy of wily Japanese (Burgess Meredith) try to get needed supplies.

Journey of Honor (1991)
Sho Kosugi's masterpiece! A truly great and unique Samurai epic set the early 1600s. The story begins with the infamous battle at Sekigahara between the forces of Lord Toyotomi and Lord Tokugawa (played by the definitive samurai, the one and only Toshiro Mifune). This is told as a prologue to the story which really begins in 1602. In order to ensure that Japan will remain united, Lord Tokugawa sends his youngest son Yorimune (played by Sho Kosugi's real-life son Kane) and his most trusted vassal Lord Daigoro Mayeda (played by Sho Kosugi) to Spain to buy some guns. On route they battle shipboard spies, raging storms and pirates. Once in Spain, the fun really begins! Other cast members include Christopher Lee, David Essex, John Rhys-Davies and Polly Walker. (I love this film!!!. Sho Kosugi put his heart and soul into this film and it shows. He wrote the story and produced the film. The film was a Japanese co-production (Sanyo) and was filmed on location in Japan and Yugoslavia. This is by far his best film, and one of my absolute favorite films of all time. It's sort of like "SHOGUN" with the roles reversed. In my opinion, it makes a great companion piece to "SHOGUN", and I often watch them back to back. "SHOGUN" ends in 1600 with the battle of Sekigahara told in epilogue voice-over, "JOURNEY" starts at that very moment. Also there is the fact that Toshiro Mifune plays Lord Tokugawa (alias Lord Toranaga) in both and John Rhys-Davies is also in both. "JOURNEY" is a little less life-and-death serious than "SHOGUN" but just as wonderful. Have I mentioned that I absolutely love this film! :-) This movie is a lot of fun. If you can find it in a video store, rent it and enjoy! -- Richard) [Daniel Richard]

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Note that since each of these movies was seen by a normal human being, what you read here is just one person's opinion :) Your own opinion may of course be different! If you notice that a movie listing is missing or incorrect, please Contact Me (Really!! WRITE ME!!!) so I can update the list!

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