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Interestingly there are only three movies I've seen that relate to Japan - but one of them is one of my favorites! Yojimbo is an absolutely wonderful movie that is well worth seeing multiple times. On the other hand, You Only Live Twice is a low point in the Bond series. The Japanese scenes border on offensive.

Japanese Movie ListingThe Yakuza (US: 1975) 112m
Robert Mitchum tries to rescue Brian Keith's kidnapped daughter by returning to Japan after several years. Fine suspenseful action. D: Sidney Pollack.

Japanese Movie ListingYojimbo (Yojinbo) (1961) 110m.
As glassy-eyed corpses litter the streets, the next-to-last line of this film is "Now there'll be a little quiet in this town." Yup, Akira and Toshiro again. This is great. Tohsiro is Yojimbo, a wandering samurai who happens into a town that is torn by feuding clans. This was the basis of Fistful of Dollars and some lines from Fistful were stolen word for word from Yojimbo. Yojimbo ends up setting the two clans against each other quite nicely! Venice Festival acting prize to Toshiro Mifune. Directed by Akira Kurosawa. Written by Ryuzo Kikushima and Kurosawa. With: Mifune, Isuzu Yamada, Tatsuya Nakadai, Eijiro Tono, Yoko Tsukasa. B&W, 110 min, Japanese with English subtitles. Sequel: Sanjuro. [Lisa loves Yojimbo!]

Japanese Movie ListingYou Only Live Twice (1967)
Sean Connery. Akiko Wakabayashi. Tetsuro Tamba. Mie Hama. This James Bond movie is largely set in Japan, with plenty of misogynistic "Bond girl" moments. The "yellow face" they do to Bond is nearly as bad as the "yellow face" seen in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

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Note that since each of these movies was seen by a normal human being, what you read here is just one person's opinion :) Your own opinion may of course be different! If you notice that a movie listing is missing or incorrect, please Contact Me (Really!! WRITE ME!!!) so I can update the list!

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