Selling Origami

I provide a ton of free origami information on my website. I have hundreds of photos of origami creations, provide step by step instructions on how to fold origami both in HTML form and in video form, and even provide links to where you can get your own origami paper. Tens of thousands of people have read my instructions and learned how to fold origami. It's inevitable that a large portion of them get bitten by the origami bug and suddenly feel that they should quit their job, stay at home and fold origami all day, and become a millionaire :)

I definitely encourage all people to enjoy folding origami. It is something you can do for "free" if you take paper that is sent to you (all that junk mail) and turn it into something beautiful. You can create flower bouquets for family and friends for pretty much no cost. Origami is the ultimate art form, where you can start with a common object and create a thing of artistry.

However, I also encourage people to be realistic. I have hundreds of pages on my site on learning how to work from home. Follow the link on the top right to get started. There are many serious issues, involving licensing, taxes and filling out forms, that are required if you are going to work from home. You should most definitely do a business plan and figure out what your income and expense will be for a few years. Remember, 9 out of 10 restaurants fail in the first year. It isn't easy to go into business, and this is even more true in the arts field.

I have been on the web since the early 90s, and gets over 2 million pageviews a month. The only reason I can sell origami at all is that I have built a world wide reputation over the years, and have a large following of fans. Even with that following, I only receive a few origami orders each month. People simply would rather fold their own origami than to pay someone else to fold it for them and ship it to them. Which of course makes sense :) After all, pretty much anybody can make origami. My videos and instructions hopefully help to prove that.

Even when I list things on eBay, I get a lot of watchers but pretty much have never had a buyer. The watchers are almost always other origami creators who want to see if my items sell, and who then write me afterwards to find out how to make money doing this. The answer is that, as with all artwork, you need to make contacts with store owners and gallery owners. It rarely works in the art world to just create art and then to hope people find you and buy it.

If you love making origami, that's great! Spread your love with family and friends, and make presents for them. If you have a boutique shop near you, bring them your finest creation and demonstrate your skill to them, and offer to have them show your items on commission. That is by far the most productive way in which to go.

Good luck!

Origami Mobile Hand Crafted Origami
Looking for a present for yourself or someone you care for? I create bouquets of flowers, hanging crane ornaments, beautiful mobiles, earrings, and much more. Each origami I create is hand created to order, with your choice of paper, color, design, and more. Here is the perfect gift that will be treasured forever!

Origami Catalogue

Origami Instructional DVD Origami Folding Instructions Video DVD
Have you always wanted to learn how to fold origami? Would you like to make a bouquet of lily or iris for your loved one? How about crane ornaments for a Christmas tree? Origami is an inexpensive way to beautify every room of your home with color-matching works of art. With my instructional DVD, you can watch on your TV or computer as I lead you step by step through a collection of 17 different traditional origami shapes.

Origami Instructional DVD

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