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Bouquet of Flower Origami

A bouquet of Single Color and Patterned origami flowers is the perfect gift. The flowers can create large, bountiful bouquets for the center of a table, a perfect never-ending burst of color.

Origami Flowers

Send origami flowers to your long distance love, or present a flower each week to remind that special someone of just how much you care. Different colors have different meanings, or go with the colors that your recipient loves the best.

Origami Flowers

We have many colors of single color and patterned paper available. You can go with an assortment of single colors, create a bouquet of all pink flowers, combine single colors with patterned papers that match, or request any other combintion you enjoy. Look through our Single Color Paper Options and Patterned Paper Options.

Origami Flowers

Price per iris or lily flower: $3.00
Iris and Lily flowers are made from squares - they cannot be made from dollar bills.

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