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Money Origami Frog

Frogs are a symbol of change, with their amazing beginning as a tadpole in the water and their adult life as a four-legged frog. They are perfect for new jobs, new relationships, new stages in a person's life.

Frogs are also associated with fertility. Most people who live by ponds have seen the gigantic mounds of eggs that frogs leave, soon to turn into millions of little wriggling tadpoles.

The Japanese see frogs as a sign of good luck!

May this origami money frog bring you great luck, wonderful transformations and everything you've dreamed of!

Note: I glue 2 eyes onto the frog so it's more clear what it is. These eyes are glued on with a gentle glue so you can remove them if you want, to spend the money. Although I think it'd be cute to give a clerk a bill with eyes on it :)

money origami Frog
Money Origami Frog from a Euro bill

money origami Frog
Money Origami Frog from a Euro bill

money origami Frog
Money Origami Frog from a Euro bill

money origami Frog
Money Origami Frog from a Euro bill

Technically this is a "jumping frog" - i.e. if you press down on the back of the frog and let your finger slide off the back, it sort of "jumps forward" on the spring action of the folded paper. However, this works best with super stiff paper (like an index card) so depending on the type of bill used, it may jump more or less well.

Note that, if you want, I can make an origami Frog out of normal origami paper that I've hand cut into the dimensions of a dollar bill. I can use any style paper you wish for this project.

Money Origami Prices
Each money origami Frog is $3 plus the fee for the actual currency being used to make the Frog.
Money Origami Currency Fee

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