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Origami Aizome Washi - Indigo Paper

This aizome origami paper pattern is a lovely pattern of flowers in full bloom. There are indigo and blue floweres in almost a fireworks display of brilliance.

In the world of origami paper, aizome is one of the prettiest styles of paper that there is. Aizome is the name for rich indigo colors of origami washi. The Aizome traditional dye is an ancient one. Legend has it that it originated in China and then was brought to Japan with so many other traditions.

Aizome washi origami paper

This paper was used as part of an aizome themed goldfish eight crane mobile:

aizome paper goldfish mobile
aizome paper goldfish mobile

Please let me know if you have any questions about my aizome washi origami paper!

The primary reason I keep aizome washi in stock is to fold custom origami items from it. However, if you have a particular project you are working on and would like to buy a few pieces of paper for me I'm happy to discuss that at well. I am not an origami paper store and generally suggest you go to a proper store to buy full packs of paper. All of my paper is loose. Still, if I'm the only option you can find, I'm always happy to help out a fellow crafter.

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