Multi Gem Tennis Bracelet

There is something about a rainbow of colors which appeals to me immensely. It represents luck and joy. I also adore circles, which symbolize completion and unity. This multi-gem tennis bracelet features both!

Each gemstone is in its own perfect circle of gold. The gemstones seem to be:

garnet for red
citrine for yellow
green peridot for green
sky blue topaz for blue
amethyst for purple

The stones start out at red on one end, and go around the cycle a lucky seven times. There are 35 gemstones in total.

Multi Gem Tennis Bracelet

Multi Gem Tennis Bracelet

Multi Gem Tennis Bracelet

The back of the bracelet has a 975 on it which appears to mean it is 14k gold. 975 is one of the standard ways to mark gold. In terms of percentage of composition a 14k gold item is 58.5% gold and the remaining percentage is non-gold metals. So some companies would mark a 14k gold item as 585. However, gold is heavy. So in terms of *weight* a 14k gold item is 97.5% weight due to gold and the rest due to the lighter metals. When you watch movies you always see them having to "lug" a gold bar because it's so heavy. So some companies mark their 14k gold items with the 975. That is my understanding from friends of mine who are into jewelry. It appears different companies like to mark their gold in different ways for who knows what marketing reasons. Maybe they like having a "bigger number" on their piece :).

Separately, because the number is related, let's talk about sterling silver. Sterling silver is at its base an item which is 92.5% silver and the rest being other metals. This is often marked as 925. There is also a "finer" level of sterling silver which is 97.5% silver which is sometimes marked as 975. If one tries to make a silver item with a higher percentage of silver than that it is too soft and would dent.

When I brought this piece to a jewelry store to have it evaluated, I was told it is gold.

Multi Gem Tennis Bracelet

Multi Gem Tennis Bracelet

Multi Gem Tennis Bracelet

Multi Gem Tennis Bracelet

I believe I bought this in 1998 or so. I believe I bought it from Ross Simons, but I'm not sure. Interestingly, when I try to Google for it I find many styles similar to it but none exactly that match. And out of all that I'm seeing, I still adore this version best of all :). Why sell it, then, you might ask? As much as I adore it, I just never wear it. I work from home and the few times I go out I wear a bodhi seed bracelet to remind me to be compassionate. So it makes far more sense for this to be somewhere it is worn and adored, and I can just keep adoring my photos of it.

It is 7 3/4 inches long, including the tongue on one end which fits into the groove on the other end. There are a pair of wing-connectors to ensure the bracelet stays on when worn. It weighs 15g.

I am now offering this Multi Gem Tennis Bracelet for sale for $499. Please contact me if you are interested.

I have seen a similar bracelet with the same stones at JewelBasket, 14k, 12.9g, list as $1,965.

This one at JewelryNest is also 14k, 15.5g, 7", and lists at $1,600.

This one on Etsy, same stones, also 14k (no weight listed), lists at $625.

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