Evenheat E360 PMC Kiln

The Evenheat E360 PMC Kiln is expensive. That is true. However, it also gets incredibly high ratings from everyone who uses it. Again, if I was putting $1 origami pieces into it I wouldn't mind if they burnt up every once in a while. If I'm putting $300 silver-and-gold objects into it, and they roast into burnt cinders, that is a bit more troubling. As of my research in early 2009 the cost was around $550 (MetalClaySupplyStore) depending on where you looked.

This kiln is 8" x 8" (floor area) x 6" high in terms of firing space.

It took about a month for my kiln to arrive, shipped direct from the manufacturer. Prepare for that time. It was well packaged. It came with a kiln shelf and 4 little posts to hold it up. Here are photos of it brand new, out of the box.

Evenheat E360 PMC Kiln

The opening looks a bit small - you need to plan your firings carefully.

Evenheat E360 PMC Kiln

The shelf and its four supports. Since you need a shelf on the "bottom" it means you already have to buy a second shelf to put on those four supports.

Evenheat E360 PMC Kiln

The controller. Really you just keep hitting "program" and then up or down to change the temperature.

Evenheat E360 PMC Kiln

Another look at the controller.

Evenheat E360 PMC Kiln

There is a peek hole on this one, and in the cnter back is the heating element.

Evenheat E360 PMC Kiln

It comes with a manual for the CONTROLLER (i.e. the control panel, to set the temperature) but not for the KILN. That is, it tells you "this is how to set the kiln to 1500F." It does NOT tell you "this is how you should put items into the kiln, these are safety concerns about using the kiln" or anything like that. You already have to know how to use the kiln! I have two books on using PMC which both mention kilns so I had some guidance at least, but I really found it odd that they didn't supply even a simple how-to book for this expensive object they just sold me :)

So I've written down my notes!

Setting Up a PMC Kiln
How to Use a PMC Kiln
PMC Kiln Basics

Finishing a PMC Silver Item

PMC - Precious Metal Clay

Polymer Clay Jewelry Main Index

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