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Day 13 - Monday

post-midnight -

I was getting worried about this sensitivity in my left inner nostril so I had Bob go peer in there with a flashlight. He doesn't see any sign of infection or of any stitches poking into anything. Rather, he just sees pink, healing skin. So maybe that is where much of the cutting was done and it is just tender as it heals. It's not that it hurts all the time. It's just that I can "poke at" any other part of my nose without any problem now. When I poke at that particular spot, it is very sore. I suppose the answer is to stop poking at it ;)

Bob made me some miso soup with corn in it. Miso is a natural probiotic, so I got my daily dose of probiotics that way. He also made me a small sugar-free ice cream sundae which was lovely in this hot weather.

3:30am - I got a bunch of reviews completed which is good. Maybe I can finally make a dent in my pile of books to review. Now to get some sleep!

1pm - Bob woke me up because we have to get out to the bank. We need a number of Euros for an origami project. When I first woke up my molar didn't hurt - then after maybe 5 minutes it did start to hurt. Just that one tooth in the top right. Then maybe 10-15 minutes later the pain had gone away again. Very odd.

Photos from 2:30pm -

Deviated septum photo

Deviated septum photo

Note the bruise beneath my eye is healing up well.

I went through my mail on a first pass, had my protein shake and vitamins / fiber, and we headed out. My car's AC was going on and off, which was a bit rough in 94F weather, but other than that everything was OK.

Then he stopped at McDonalds for a snack while we headed home around 5pm. I decided to get a salad, which he wondered about. I figured I'd had other crunchy type food recently so it should be OK.

BIG mistake. Apparently somehow while I was eating I opened my mouth just a little too big (not even hugely, just medium sized rather than tiny as I'd been doing up until now). I felt a KILLER sharp pain in my outer left nostril. As in causing me to yell out and my eyes instantly water. I was sure blood would start gushing out of my nose but amazingly none did at all. After some thought and discussion we decided that I must have done this: I have a plastic splint in my nose. The splint is "tied" onto my nose in various places to keep it in place until Thursday. One of those tie spots is probably the outer nostril area. I probably opened my mouth, which pulled open my nose (i.e. made it wider). That pulled the nose away from the splint within it, and the ripping was the skin of the nose pulling away from that stationary plastic splint in the middle.

I had the sharp pain a few times more on the drive home, not even with my mouth opening widely, just if it twisted in a certain way. It was again a super sharp razor-blade type of pain. That darn nose must be full of nerve endings. I am definitely eating only soft, squishy foods until this splint comes out. I should not have tried the salad, but I really wanted to eat something healthy and McDonalds doesn't have that many choices. Lesson learned.

Once I got home (6pm) I had a high-power Tylenol and am going to sit on the couch. Hopefully things will settle down. It doesn't hurt right now exactly, but I do feel that it's very tender in that spot.

11pm - I just slept on and off for 5 hours. My nose is still fairly sore and if I touch it in the outer left area I get sharp pains. I feel really worn down, maybe from the pain, maybe the heat. I am hoping things improve tomorrow on all fronts.

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