Deviated Septum Surgery Tips Photos
Post-Surgery Day

At 5am I was feeling better so I had just 1 Vicodin - and still hadn't gotten any sleep. My eyes were gettng puffy so we were keeping the ice packs on them.

Deviated Septum

The problem was that my throat was filling up with mucus so any time I fell asleep I immediately woke up because my throat closed up. I couldn't breathe through my nose, or through my mouth either. I was in this weird almost-asleep state where I thought I was a time traveler. I kept trying to say to myself "keep your mouth open". I tried travel pillows in a variety of angles and positions. Every 5 minutes I would almost be asleep and then jerk awake again.

By 9am things were feeling better and I was still down to 1 Vicodin, plus my antibiotic. Bob called in to the hospital and they agreed to take me back in at 10am rather than making me wait until 3pm, so I could get the nose plugs removed and hopefully be able to sleep. So he took some photos first.

Deviated Septum

Deviated Septum

Deviated Septum

Then we bundled into the car and headed in. I was lucky, she was able to bring me right away into a small check-up room. She explained that I'd had a breathing tube in which is why my throat and ear was initially sore. She hadn't needed to "open" my nose up at all - she did everything from the inside - i.e. through the nostrils. Pretty neat! She's an amazing doctor. That includes all the septum fixing and cartilage straightening. She commented again at just how screwed up my septum had been and how much better everything was now.

Then she said she had to pull out the two nose plugs. I was imagining tiny earbud sized wads. Instead she warned me that this was going to be unpleasant. She grabbed one and I swear there was an entire washcloth sized length of fabric stuffed into my nose and it did NOT want to come out again. It felt as if my nose would turn inside out. And that was only the left side. Then came the right side which was apparently the "bad side" and once that wad came out (which was even more painful) that nostril started gushing blood. So then she had to put one wad, then two wads back into the nose to try to stop the bleeding. Luckily Bob was there to hold my hand. This was nearly as bad as the needle part was.

Finally the blood flow began to slow down and she taped a new beneath-the-nose gauze into place. She said I'd come back in a week to get the cast removed - and then in 2 weeks to get the inside-the-nose splints removed. Apparently I have plastic splints inside my nose to have everything heal in a straight line. They are tied in with stitches. She said I could have those removed earlier if they started to bother me. I am imagining new horrors when those get removed, but I will try not to think about that for now.

So we headed on back home again.

Thank goodness! I could SLEEP! I promptly did so :) Bob ran out to get some saline spray and some 'equate' spray which helps the bleeding stop.

By 5pm I was taking a Tylenol instead of a Vicodin, with those giant wads of doom out of my nostrils my nose felt MUCH better. The bleeding was really down to nothing. My ear wasn't hurting any more. My eyes were still puffing up but I was putting ice packs on those. I slept on and off for many hours. This is at 5pm.

Deviated Septum

Deviated Septum

Deviated Septum

Deviated Septum

By 9pm I switched to a time release Tylenol that was an 8 hour Tylenol with less potency. I was really feeling quite good now - eating cream of broccoli soup - and was finally able to have Bob bring my laptop up to get all my notes online!

So now it's 11pm, and I'm doing OK. My only real mistake so far was Bob brought me up a Ring Ding at one point and I foolishly ate it. It was too big and crunchy for me and the back of my mouth hurt afterwards (the soft palate part). I should have known better, everything else I've had has been soft vanilla ice cream all stirred up, or chicken soup, or beef broth soup, or cream of broccoli soup. I need to stick with those soft things. Oh, and a few protein shakes.

All the time that I was laying awake unable to sleep I tried to visualize a glowing golden healing light in my nose, and I tried to ingest things that had nutrients so that my little nose-building cells could work efficiently at rebuilding the skin and tissues. I'm not sure if that type of visualization actually helps, but it seemed a good enough way to pass the time.

11:45pm. Just had some squished-up ice cream and had the same pain in the top back of my mouth. So maybe it wasn't the ring ding - maybe it's something about having those nose-pads removed and how things are healing up.

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