Mercury Chelation After Amalgam Removal

If you have a mercury amalgam removed and replaced with a white composite filling, you want to make sure you chelate your body immediately following the process. This helps remove all the bits of debris and vapor released by the process.

I want to note that if you still have some fillings left - i.e. if you only removed SOME but not ALL of your mercury fillings - that you need to be cautious with this. The process of chelation shakes up the mercury in your body with the idea that it'll then be flushed out your normal biological processes. However, if you have mercury IN your fillings still, this shaking up process could shake more mercury out of them! So I'd wait to do the whole-hog chelation until you can get that last filling out of your head.

In my case, I had two mercury fillings replaced back when I didn't realize how bad the mercury was and didn't do anything at all during those replacements. It was only during this last one that I did my research and worked to make sure I did it as safely as possible.

First, don't take any vitamin C 2 days before the procedure, because the vitamin C can interfere with your anesthetic (which would be very, very bad.) So the moment you get home you'll want to get those doses of Vitamin C into you.

Next, I immediately began eating garlic filled food. I had my boyfriend make me a garlic pizza, and then later I had some garlic hummis. Garlic protects the blood cells from heavy metals. That way as the mercury is floating around through the system on its way out, it doesn't damage the blood along the way.

Cilantro is an important part of mercury detoxification. Cilantro is really tasty in salsa. What cilantro does is shake the mercury loose out of the places it's hiding. So this gets the mercury out and into the blood stream where, if you're eating your garlic, it does little harm on its way to your kidneys.

Chlorella can be bought on Amazon and in specialty shops - in essence it's an algae. This will bind up with the mercury and help keep it harmless while it moves its way through your system.

Keep taking Vitamin C, and go for twice a day. That way your body always has a ready supply of it to use. Vitamin C is good for a variety of reasons.

The average mercury filling has 1000mg of mercury in it, and depending on how your amalgam was removed, there may be bits of that floating around in your system. Since the daily maximum set by the US EPA for a 140 pound woman is 6.35ug, you can imagine that 1000mg is far higher than that.

Mercury is primarily released from your body through your stool. So it's key to keep that stool moving quickly so that mercury doesn't get reabsorbed along the way. So eat a lot of fiber and drink a ton of water.

Interestingly I tried to do research on how quickly the body gets rid of mercury. I couldn't find any data. What I found is that people with mercury amalgams tended to excrete in their stool 50ug/day - implying that their intake was at least that much. Those without amalgams had rates more around 3ug/day - quite a difference! Interestingly part of what this study was looking at was how all of these people excreting mercury in their sewers was causing a mercury issue for the water supply.

I also found that - in terms of how dangerous these bits of mercury are that you might accidentally swallow - that they are elemental and inorganic mercury. Elemental mercury only absorbs through your stomach at 0.01%. Inorganic mercury only absorbs at less than 10%. So it's not that all of the specks and flecks you ingest go into your blood stream. Still, you are trying to minimize all damage here.

It apparently takes an average of 42 days for a body to flush out half of the mercury it has ingested, assuming it's a one time thing. So if today you ingested 10ug of mercury, in 42 days you'd have 5ug of mercury left in you. If you're continually being exposed to mercury, then your body is continually trying to remove it and the levels are in essence building each day.

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