Dreaming about a Car Crash

A visitor tells of a recurring dream about a car crash. Just what is this dream trying to tell her boyfriend?

i have been dating my boyfriend for over a year now, and in the last month or so he has had a dream with similar aspects on atleast 3 occasions. The dream involves him leaving my house to go to work or home, and he gets in a car accident, and has like a 5% chance for survival and Im not there. sometimes his parents are there and so are mine, but Im not there and i am always trying to get there, and then when i do get there the doctor tells me that basically he has no chance to survive and so i just go into his room and sit with him.... and then my boyfriend wakes up and the dream never is finished.... can you please help me figure out what it means, he thinks he is dreaming of the future, but i think that he just has other issues being expressed through his dreams...


First, please convince him that this is NOT a dream of the future. Human beings are very predictable creatures. Any motorcycle instructor that you talk to will tell you if you are riding around a corner to NOT look at the stone wall on the side of the road because if you do, you will steer your bike right into it. The way the human brain works is if you focus on something, you tend to go towards it. If your boyfriend becomes convinced "I will hit a truck" then when he's out driving one night and he sees a truck coming towards him, he will start to drive towards it thinking "I'm going to hit it! I'm going to hit it!" Lots of accidents happen that way especially when people are sleepy. It's the whole deer-in-the-headlights thing.

It's like walking down a sidewalk in high heels thinking "I'm going to trip! I'm going to trip!" If you get that focussed on something, you probably ARE going to trip because you psyche yourself into it.

Anyway. Probably 90% of the human populations dreams about car accidents every month, because it is a hugely powerful dream symbol. Cars are what all of us associate with as our 'way of moving through life' - at least everybody of driving age. And crashes are shown in so many TV shows and movies and such that they sort of get embedded into our brains as a 'life has a problem!!' image. The brain latches onto these easy-to-understand images when we dream to try to tell us things in a way we'll pay attention to. If your brain tried to give you a message in a low key way, with you sitting quietly on a couch and a person talking to you while happy music played, you probably wouldn't even remember it when you woke up.

Also, it's VERY common for people to dream about the same thing over and over because the whole point of a powerful dream is that you have a serious issue in your life that you're not facing and that your mind is trying to get you to pay attention. So it's not like you have this massive issue in your life, you have one dream and POOF the entire issue goes away. So your brain keeps hounding and hounding you with the images until you start to pay attention and make changes to make the situation better.

OK so car dreams are common, car crash dreams are common and repeat dreams are common. Let's actually look AT the dream. You and your boyfriend have been together a year, so that's usually when the relationship is going from 'this is wonderful!' to 'jeez, this relationship is OK but is this really what I want for the rest of my life?' stage. In his dream he is trying to "get away from you" and his life is pretty much destroyed. You aren't around - only his "family" (and perhaps your family which maybe he considers also to be "family") is there. And then when you finally do show up, it's too late to fix things. And as he's sitting there realizing it IS too late, he wakes up because he isn't sure what is going to happen next. I have to say that out of all the dreams sent in, this one is one of the more straightforward ones.

I really think you and he should sit down together, nobody else around, with lots of hours, and have a LONG and serious talk about your relationship. Your relationship is this life path that you are both on. And in his dreams you are NOT in the car with him, he is alone and driving away from you. And his choice to go away from you (it's not like someone else was driving him, HE was doing the driving) results in him crashing and ruining his life. But SOMETHING is causing him to drive away from you in the first place. So it's like he's at a crossroads. He really worries that leaving you would result in a lot of pain and hardship - that he feels could destroy him and that even if you came back to him it would be too late to fix things. But he has this desire to drive off. Why? What is bothering him?

Either you guys talk about it and really open up and share your fears and concerns, or it's going to keep bugging him in the only way it can, in his dreams.

Dreaming about Car Crashes

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