Tigers - Dream Symbols

Tigers are fierce creatures that are known to drag off humans. What does it mean when you dream about tigers?

Where lions are sometimes thought of as lazy and basking in the sun, tigers are usually thought of as full of energy and stealth. Tigers are active threats in some parts of the world, stealing into villages and running off with small children. They are fierce and powerful. Just recently, a tiger nearly killed a Las Vegas magician during an act.

Think of how the tiger appears in your dream. Is it threatening you or someone you love? If so, the tiger stands for a dangerous situation in your life, something that can't be controlled. Think of what that might be and how you can find a way to get the situation under control.

Is the tiger just "being there" - maybe asleep or not paying attention to you? That could mean that you feel there is a threat in your life, but that it isn't "awakened" yet. This might be if you have an abusive husband who hasn't attacked you recently, for example. Or maybe your wife is working with a guy who you know is a predator, but he hasn't made his move yet. It speaks to a serious danger that is there but not in motion yet. Take action to handle the situation before it does fire up.

Finally, is the tiger a very friendly and peaceful one? Maybe a cuddly tiger cub, or a very tame pet? Tigers are powerful creatures, and to have one that much under your control is a great symbol of the power of trust. Maybe there is someone in your life that others feel is dangerous - but that you know can be trusted. In that case it might be time to talk to your friends and family and help them see what you see in the situation, and explain why you are not afraid of the potential danger.

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