Rosemary Glycerine Shampoo Recipe

Rosemary is very good for brunette hair, and has a fantastic smell. It's also fairly easy to grow your own! This recipe for making your own shampoo uses organic rosemary but you can of course use any kind you want. The recipe is organic except the glycerine, I imagine you can probably find organic glycerine if you really want to be 100% organic with this.

Note that this makes 1 cup of shampoo. This might seem like a little but natural shampoo does not last for months. It is not filled with chemical preservatives. It's best to make it a cup at a time, which lasts 2-3 weeks. Natural shampoo lathers up much better than store-bought shampoo, and you can use far less on your hair to get the job done!

3 Tbsp rosemary leaves
1 cup distilled water
15 drops lavender essential oil
3/4 cup liquid castile soap
1 cup glycerine

Simmer the organic rosemary and distilled water in covered pan for 30 minutes. Once this time period is done, take it off the heat and let it stand overnight.

The next morning, strain out the leaves. Put the remaining tea-colored liquid back onto the stove. Simmer it until only 1/4 cup is left.

This simmering process should take about a half hour. Next filter through a coffee filter to remove any remaining leaves. Now prepare your lavender and measure out the liquid castile soap.

Add to your liquid castile soap and lavender. I used a citrus orange castile soap to give it some extra citrus aroma, but you can use any aroma you wish of course. You are done!

This glycerine recipe is a variant of my basic Organic Rosemary Shampoo Recipe. The organic recipe instructions have a lot of photos if you are doing this for the first time and need step by step photos. This glycerine version was made to try to "thicken up" the shampoo, to give it more of a pour-in-hand quality. Even with a full half of the shampoo being glycerine, it is still watery. You can try with and without, but to me the cost of adding the glycerine doesn't bring any real benefit to the thickness. You might find that you like the slight added thickness and it's worth it to you.

Bottle your shampoo in a dark-colored bottle. You want to keep all natural shampoos away from the light and heat to keep them usable as long as possible.

Organic Rosemary Shampoo Recipe

What I did was bottle it in two half-cup bottles.

The shampoo is GREAT. It lathers up richly and does a great job of washing my hair. I use far less of this shampoo per washing than I did of previous shampoos. I am extremely impressed with how soft and fragrant my hair is afterwards. My face used to always feel tingly and itchy after I showered, from reactions with the shampoo. My face feels soft and happy when using this shampoo. Highly recommended.

I'll also comment that I have some grey hairs. My boyfriend commented completely out of the blue after a few days of my using this shampoo that they grey hairs were far less noticeable. The rosemary gently, naturally "colors" those hairs so they are less bright. It's a wonderful added benefit for anyone with grey hairs!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your hair will be "tacky" after the shampoo and if you have long hair it will tangle. This is because you need to use a vinegar rinse aftewards to rebalance your hair. I highly recommend starting with a Hot Oil, then using this shampoo, then using a Vinegar Rinse for the best results.

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