Glycerine Rosewater Lotion Recipe

You would think that glycerine and rosewater would be the perfect ingredients for a lotion recipe. I suppose it's what you consider a lotion! Here's the recipe I tried, that was discussed on many different websites:

1 1/2 cups mineral water
1/3 cup glycerin
3 teaspoons rose water

Some recipes included rose water and glycerine, some were glycerine and mineral water, some were glycerin and distilled water. Really, it comes down to this style of recipe including glycerine, water of some sort, and nothing else.

The recipes say either to shake the stuff for a few minutes, or to blend it in a blender. The problem here is that the mixture is REALLY thin. We're talking chicken-soup thin. Also, since there is no binding agent involved, the glycerine tends to separate back out from the water pretty quickly.

You can certainly try this recipe to see how you like a very-thin hint-of-glycerine lotion, but for me it was just TOO drippy. You'd try to get some on your hands, and it would drip off all over the place.

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