Smile Examples - Mouth Closed

A closed mouth smile is great for ALL situations. It is perfect if your teeth are less than wonderful looking. It can be soft and pouty, wide and mysterious, friendly, sexy, and just about anything else. It all depends on how widely you smile, how deep the smile is, how your eyes are, and your head / body angle.

Smile Examples
Cameron Diaz

With this smile, Cameron shows us all the bsics. She has a full smile, but not TOO wide. The upper lip still has some thickness, rather than being pulled flat. If you pull that top lip flat, it looks more like a grimace which is not attractive. her eyes are open and looking at you. You get a sense that she has a mysterious secret. That always draws people in - they want to know the secret too! She looks *happy*. People want to be with happy people.

Smile Examples
Carie-Ann Moss

Literally every photo I found of Carie-Ann - from the Matrix or elsewhere - had her mouth closed. She seems to like the "mysterious" look. It's a bit pouty, but more a bit of "I know what I want - let's see if you can get to my heart". People like a challenge, they like to feel they're getting something that few others are able to. It's like having a rare edition of a book, or a new release of a cool gadget. She's not totally ice cold - her lips are sensual and full. But it's not going to be easy getting her to thaw. That is the challenge.

Smile Examples
Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle has a lovely smile here. There's a bit of a dreamy quality to it - like "I am thinking of that special someone in my life". Her eyes are open, her mouth is turned up, she is relaxed and happy.

Smile Examples
Natalie Portman

Another example of a mysterious look, although this one is less "cold" than the Carie-Ann one. In this case it's more of a "I am a wild creature, and none can tame me" sort of challenge. People of course love that kind of challenge. The lips are red and full, the eyes wide open and staring straight ahead. She knows what she wants, and she challenges you openly to see if you can match up with her.

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