Smile Examples - Mouth Open

With an open mouth smile, then general impression you are giving to the person you're with is that you are "energetically fun". It is an attitude of exuberance, of letting loose. If you look through movie posters, there is often a marked difference between the quiet / pouty smiles and the open / happy smiles.

For women, it's also important to note that an open smile can have sexual meaning, especially when paired with bright red lipstick. If you are in that age group and going after a guy for sexual reasons, he will most definitely react to that type of a signal. If you're not interested in that, make sure you choose your lipstick with care.

On a more cautious note, if you have really bad teeth, it might be best to go with a closed smile most of the time. That way you get the advantages of the smile without the off-putting reaction to your teeth. I'd also look into fixing them up, for health reasons! Bad teeth often lead to all sorts of mouth issues.

Smile Examples
Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn is the ideal "come get me, I'm fun" girl. In this image you see why. She's leaning forward, to show interest. It's not about her chest - that is half cut off. It's all about her face and especially her smile. The bright red lipstick, the wide open mouth, her heavily lidded eyes. All of them are sexual in nature.

Smile Examples
Cameron Diaz

OK, with Cameron you see how stance, eyes and lipstick choice change a smile. Where Marilyn was openly sexual, Cameron is more of the "fun girl next door". She's standing up mostly straight, being her own girl. Her lips blend in more with her face. Her eyes are more open. She's having lots of fun, she's happy, she's someone you really want to be with.

Smile Examples
Julia Roberts

One of the most famous smiles in the world. Julia Roberts in a certain movie about prostitutes, and the scene where Richard Gere snaps the necklace case shut on her fingers, and she just *beams* in laughing delight. That was not "faked"! He wasn't supposed to do that to her, but the director felt she wasn't really getting into the moment during their takes. So he snuck to the side and told Gere to do that as a surprise - and she really was surpised! So that was natural, full on, authentic Julia shining through. That is a smile of pure inner delight. People can feel that, can tell that. It's not overtly sexual, but it's vibrant, rich, a person you really want to be with and enjoy life with. See how her eyes are medium-open and the lipstick is halfway between neutral and red. She's an all-around fun woman.

Smile Examples
Kate Hudson

OK here's a different take on the open mouth smile. Kate Hudson isn't just smiling, she's charged with energy. This is a woman who's about to grab a bottle of Champagne from the table, down a gulp, and jump into the middle of the dance floor, dancing around with enthusiasm to her favorite song. She's not about neat hair and proper manners. She's going to enjoy life and throw herself in, body and soul, to what she's up to. That is really attractive in a person!

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