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Sometimes you'll see a back cover that shows the author image and bio. Really, that is NOT want you want on your back cover. You want the back cover to be all about the book - why the person who is holding it MUST buy it. You have to promote and sell your book in that spot. Speak directly to the benefits the person will receive. Will they get caught up in the story? Will they learn how to save on their taxes? Whatever it is, lay it out, so the person feels it's worth paying the money to buy it.

For your author bio and photo, that should go on the very last page INSIDE the book. That way when the person is done reading your words, they can learn more about you and go on to read your other works.

Here is a sample back cover page.

Lisa Shea is a fervent fan of honor, loyalty and chivalry. She loves to create worlds where men and women stand side by side in their desire to help make the world a better place. Her heroines often wield a sword, but they equally value their intelligence, wisdom and compassion.

Lisa has several books in print including a series on Wedding & Courtship traditions in Ireland, France and Italy.

Please visit Lisa at to learn more about her background and interests. Feedback is always appreciated!

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