Coghlan Waterproof Pouch

We first got these pouches when we were heading on a cruise to Bermuda. We were going to go snorkeling and this was the perfect way to hold our passports and wallets while we were out in the water. The pouches are fairly large - about 6" x 12" in size - but not so large that they are a pain to have around your neck or at your hip.

Coghlan Waterproof Pouch The pouches worked *perfectly*. The seal is velcro and super easy to use, and no water got in at all. They are a great size so they can hold a camera, dollar bills, a wallet, or other important items that you don't want to leave on the beach. They are super flat so they're easy to bring along in luggage with you.

We have carried them on several trips since then, and they are always quite useful. Whether you're boating, camping, snorkeling or doing other activities near the water, it means you can keep your important items with you instead of leaving them on the beach or shore.

A must have for any type of activity involving water.

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