Lisa & Bob in Ireland: October 2001
Funeral of Barbara Samora Tucker
Friday, October 26, 2001

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Friday morning had Tom, Bob and Lisa arrive around 8:00am after a 7 hour flight from the states. We were met by some of Tom's family - his sister Eileen, his cousin Bebe, his uncle Joe, his nephews Aimon and Patrick.

Shannon Airport

We went over to the mortuary, where we waited for the casket to come off the plane. It was a very cloudy, rainy day. It showered on and off while we waited. After a while, they rolled the casket over, and we started the trip home.

Shannon Airport

It was around a 2 hour drive, with gloomy stormclouds, as we drove through little Irish towns separated by farmland and rolling hills. None of us three had gotten much sleep on the plane over, and we dozed occasionally, as the line of cars made the slow way home.

As we came into Millstreet, we took the road that went past first Eileen's home by the railroad tracks, and then along in front of Barbara and Tom's home. There was a group of family waiting there with flowers. We stopped for a moment to talk to them.

Front Yard of Barbara's Home

Back Yard of Barbara's Home

We then made our way the short distance into town. We drove to the funeral parlor, where we brought the casket in.

The Funeral Parlor

The Parlors in Ireland aren't large, because unlike the states, people don't all stand inside talking and such. It's a very quiet, religious, reverent atmosphere. People come in, speak with the family, pay their respects, and then leave again, to talk outside.

The Funeral Parlor workers

Inside the Funeral Parlor

It was around 3pm now, so we had a few hours before the evening viewing began. We went back to Eileen's home for some delicious Irish food - fresh meat, bread, tomatoes, salad. We then took a quick nap to try to catch up on sleep. Soon, though, it was time to shower and dress for the evening.

At the parlor, we first had time for the family to spend alone with Barbara. During this period, an elderly nun came from the local convent to say the rosary, and to sing. It was lovely.

After that, the village started to stream in. Just about everybody in the village came through, because Barbara knew everybody, and they all loved her. Her family on Tom's side is very large, and there were numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces, and more that loved and missed her dearly.


More Flowers

The Casket


When it was time, we covered Barbara and closed the casket. We then brought it across the street to the church, where she was to have a mass said for her in the morning.

The church

The church

We were never able to get great pictures of the inside of the church, but it was simply beautiful. There were thousands and thousands of mosaics on the walls, and beautiful stained glass. It was the harvest festival weekend, so there were various harvest items being offered up in celebration.

The church

Once we were done with this part, we headed over to the lounge that Bebe works in. It was simply lovely inside, with cozy nooked, padded benches near a fireplace. We all sat around and talked for hours and hours. Bob and I went to get some fish and chips after a while, and we all went over to Corkery's after that - the place I associate most with Barbara. We had many a fun night in here during our previous trip. Soon, though, exhaustion caught up with us and we headed home to sleep.

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