Lisa & Bob in Ireland: October 2001
Funeral of Barbara Samora Tucker
Sunday, October 28, 2001

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Where Friday was stormy and Saturday was gorgeous and sunny, Sunday was covered in a deep mist which lasted right until we left. This was the Ireland of mystery and thick, swirling fogs. I tried to show the mist in many of the pictures I took today but I'm not sure if it really came out.

We woke, and Tom ran into town for some breakfast supplies. Bob fried up some eggs and sausage for us, which we had with tea and orange juice. I took some pictures from the back windows of the yard and birds during this time.

The backyard

The backyard





Then, as my final thing to do in Ireland before we headed home, I went out to take the path to one of Barbara's favorite spots. Everything was misty and dewey - all of the bushes had little glowing cobwebs on them.

Front Yard

Cobwebs on the bushes

The spot is a stream crossing, just down a short path across from her house. The path has high hedgerows along it, as do just about every road in Ireland. This is the path down to the stream crossing.

The road in

Bird on the hedgerow - see the mist?

I stayed down at the river crossing for a few moments. I had taken a photo of this spot the last time we were out, and sat here many mornings to think. When Barbara saw the photo, she loved it, and hung it on her fridge at home. Sitting here truly made me feel close to her. You can see where the pickups drive across the river here. My previous pictures and time here were all in full sun, so it was quite different to be here in the deep mist.

The Crossing

The Crossing

The Crossing

The Crossing

After a while it was time to head back. This is the path back to her house, and you can see the house in the first picture.

The Path and the House

The Path

When I came back to the house, it was surrounded in mist. I always find it interesting that in the states people put fences up to keep in their pets and kids. In Ireland, people fence their homes to keep out roaming cattle and sheep. Many homes have a cattle-guard (ridged flooring) in their driveway so the cows won't come in. This home just has brick in that area.

The House, from behind the hedgerow

The House

The House

Now Bebe was here and it was time to go. We swung by Eileen's to pick her up, and then the five of us headed back to Shannon. The drive through the mist was almost spooky at times, with visibility extremely limited. Old stone ruins half-seen slid by on the side of the road, barely visible past the always-present hedgerows.

Eventually we got to the airport, and stopped in the small bar there to say our last farewells.

Bebe, Eileen, Lisa and Tom

Bob, Eileen, Lisa and Tom

After that, it wasn't long before Bob and I were on our way back to Boston, with hopes of a return sometime soon.

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