Bird House Bar - Chilkoot Charlies

The Bird House Bar is perhaps the most famous part of the Chilkoot Charlie's bar complex in Anchorage, Alaska. It is an exact replica of a real bar once found in Bird Creek, Alaska, which burnt down a few years ago.

The Bird House bar is famous for many things. It had super spicy pickles that people would be dared to eat. It offered boneless chicken dinners - i.e. eggs. However, it was and is most famous for its decor. The walls and ceilings are covered with women's bras and underwear.

Chilkoot Charlies

This is actually a separate little building, that you go through a doorway to get to. It is self contained and built at a slant, just like the original. You have to keep your eye on your drink so it doesn't slide down the bar!

The bar area is decorated with a variety of drinking-related bumper stickers.

Chilkoot Charlies

If you're a prude, this is definitely not the bar for you. There are numerous (ahem) anatomically correct items lurking around in this bar, from the servers' aprons to the pens that you are asked to sign the guest book with.

Chilkoot Charlies

If you look at the far back wall of this bar, you'll spot a coupon from BellaOnline. That's proof solid that we visited there and had fun chatting with the staff!

We especially enjoyed meeting with Wicked Wanda, the 70-something woman who helps to tend bar and chat with visitors. If you swing by the Bird House Bar, be sure to see if she's around, and spend some time talking with her!

Just be careful if you're asked to sign the guest register. You'll get pens that explode, pencils with two ends, and numerous "male organ" pens which depending on your disposition you may or may not want to accept.

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