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How Parakeets Look
Parakeets were originally found in huge flocks in Australia's central grassland plains. You can read about the History of Budgies to learn more about how they came to be common household pets.

In their native lands, parakeets were all green in color, with black wavy bands on their wings and backs. This combination helped them to be camoflagued in the grassy plains and eucalyptus trees which were their homes.

Nazo the Green Parakeet

Over the years, breeders have controlled which parakeets their birds mated with to produce various colors, but the color doesn't change the type of parakeet. It's just like humans can have red hair or blonde hair or black hair, they're all still humans.

Regular Parakeet vs English Budgie
As parakeets have become hugely pouplar, they become birds that are often seen at bird shows. A certain "look" of parakeet became the best judged parakeets at these shows - a parakeet with a big body and big head.

Because most show-winners were from England, this style of parakeet became known as the "English Budgie". It's not that an English Budgie is really any different from a regular budgie. All it means is that the bird is a larger size bird. It's sort of like calling a tall human being a "Basketball Human" just because he's tall. An English Budgie is just a larger, specially bred parakeet who had big parents.

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