Parakeets and Flying

Parakeets are meant to fly. Their entire bodies are geared towards this task. The way they clean their feathers, prune themselves and exercise are all aimed towards keeping up their flying strength. They love to flap around. If you keep your birds caged up for more than a few days, then when you open the cage they'll flap around wildly for a few minutes to get that flying urge out of their system before settling down. It's just what they do.

Birds tuck in their feet when they fly, and arch their feathers. When they push down their wings, they lift themselves up, Then angle their wings so when they flap upwards they don't push themselves back down again :) They are incredible acrobats and can fly sideways, at an angle and almost backwards too! Their long feathers let them control their direction.

The shorter feathers keep them warm but don't really help out in their flying :)

A parakeets' feathers are their life protection! This is how they escaped from enemies in the wild! So they like to prune them, wash them frequently in a parakeet bathtub, and eat healthy foods. That's how they stay strong and active.

Parakeet Feathers

Caring for Parakeet Wings, Claws, and Beak

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