Proper Cage Location for a Budgie or Parakeet

Once you've chosen the perfect cage for your budgie or parakeet, it's important to place it in an area that is well suited for your parakeet to stay healthy and happy. Here are some guidelines to follow.

Temperature Control
Parakeets are originally from the Australian grasslands. This means they lived life in temperate weather. This wasn't the broiling desert - but neither was it the frigid arctic. You want your budgies to be at normal house temperature - between 65F and 85F - without having any giant fluctuations on a day to day basis. Be sure to keep breezes away from your budgies, especially at night. Budgie cages should be covered at night so they feel safe and secure, and the cover will help keep them warm, too.

Near People
Budgies are flock creatures and are used to living in massive clouds of birds, over 1,000 strong, in the wild. They get incredibly lonely if they're kept all alone, all day! Put your budgie in the most commonly used room in the house, and interact with him often. If you aren't around all day, get your budgie a friend to keep him company. In the wild, silence was a sign of danger - that all creatures were hiding because a predator was near. If you leave your budgie alone in the quiet, she will go stir crazy!

Keep the Cage High
Budgies like to be up high. It makes them feel safe, that they can look down at their surroundings. When pet keets fly around free, they tend to land on curtain rods to feel like the King of their Domain. Keep the cage at a level that you can easily change the food and water, but definitely put it as high as you can. Your parakeets will appreciate it!

There are many types of cage supports and hangers. You can hang your cage from a solid hook in the ceiling, hang it from a metal hook or put it on a shelf. If you're hanging the cage, make VERY sure the hangar is solid and cannot pull out. A simple hook into the wall will not do - you need an anchor to hold it in place. If the cage rests on a shelf or table, and you have pets, make sure there is NO ledge on the side where the pet can sit next to the cage.

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