Cleaning a Parakeet Cage

Keeping a parakeet cage clean is critical for your parakeets' long term health. It's very important that you keep their home - their bedroom, kitchen, living room and dining room - clean and fresh.

First, there should be a cage liner in the bottom of the cage, to catch poops. Newspaper works really well for this, and generally you have some around the house for free! Don't worry about keets eating it - it's quite safe for them. Replace that at least once a week.

About once a month, take out all the toys, perches and grates that might be at the bottom. Give these a good scrubbing with water, baking soda and a mild detergent if you wish. The baking soda will provide "grit" to help scrub off hard bits without endangering the keets at all.

Every six months or so it's good to hose down the entire cage. Of course the keets need to be hand trained by this point - because they're going to be out of the cage! Take the cage outside or into the bathroom, and rinse it down completely inside and out. Remember that a keet is going to be gnawing on pretty much everything in the cage - so don't use any harsh detergents, windex, fantastic or anything like that. Just use water and a mild detergent if you have to. Let it all thoroughly dry before you put the keet back in.

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