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Trimming a Too Long Parakeet Beak

My parakeet's beak has grown long. I took him to a vet where they trimmed his beak, wings, and claws. His beak, however, is still longer than it should be. Do you think the vet didn't trim his beak very much because it would hurt him? I've had a number of parakeets in my lifetime and have never had this problem.

He won't touch his cuttlebone or even his millet spray which he has always loved. I've trimmed toenails and wings, but never beaks. Could I do it myself? Is there anything I should know before doing it? Any information you could give me would be very much appreciated. Thank you

My Response:

Parakeets naturally LOVE to gnaw which helps them keep their beak trimmed. Cuttlebones are perfect for this. But if your bird is avoiding not only the cuttlebone but also the millet it really sounds like something is wrong with the beak. I'm very surprised that the vet didn't trim it down to a length that the bird could use.

I really wouldn't attempt this yourself. I can imagine all sorts of nightmarish results. The mouth is the only way the bird gets nutrition into it of course. I would take him back to the vet and explain that this is causing serious problems with your bird's eating habits. Get him to trim the beak even further. If he's uncomfortable with the task, then see if there is an animal hospital in the area, maybe they could knock the bird out and do it that way. But you need the bird's beak to be healthy if it's going to have a normal parakeet life.

Best of luck,


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