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My Parakeet Gets Excited by Running Water Sounds

A visitor writes in:
I have had my female parakeet for 1 year. She seems to demand attention/cry out nonstop while I have water running in the house (dishwasher, washing machine, & the shower although if I place her cage in the bathroom while I shower she calms down). She does the same thing when I use a hair dryer or fry foods on the stove. I would think that consistent annoying sounds bother her but she loves the vacuum. Please send some adive our way.

My Response:
Ah, but you're missing the most simple explanation!! Parakeets LOVE to splash in the water. They love to take baths. Undoubtedly when your parakeet hears the hair dryer and frying foods she thinks those are running water noises too. My parakeets cry out in joy when they hear the shower sound, because we sometimes take one of them in the shower with us, and they hop on our shoulder while we bathe.

So the real question here is, why are you tormenting your keet with the sound of running water without letting her take a bath? :) She doesn't want to be NEAR you while you enjoy the joys of fresh water to splash in. SHE wants to splash in the water! You should close the bathroom door, put her bathtub on top of her cage and let her splash around while you splash around. My parakeets go crazy if I go a few days without letting them take a bath. When I do put their bathtubs out they'll soak in them for a good 15 minutes or so, splashing and playing and enjoying themselves.

Best of luck,


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