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My Parakeets Always Scream

i was wondering why my parakeet always scream.. they dont chirp. they scream at their highest voices... what does that mean.. and also their feces is grayish on the outside and white in the middle, is there something wrong with that

My Response:

That sounds like something is wrong. Parakeets scream as a warning cry or when they're in pain. If you listen to the sounds I have on the site, parakeets should warble and chirp when they're happy. They yell out "ACK ACK" when something is wrong and "FWEEEEEEP!" when they think someone is lost. So if your parakeets are always yelling out in panic, they aren't happy. I would really examine your environment - make sure they're not too hot or cold, make sure they're up high enough, make sure they feel safe. If all else fails I'd take them to a vet to make sure they're not in pain.

I have photos of parakeet poop here -

Parakeet Poop Photo

It sounds like they're quite normal!

Best of luck,


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