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My Parakeet is Screeching

i have two parakeets and recently one has begun to screech at a very high volume. she will begin with gentle warbling and cooing but will continue to raise her volume to a very high screech which i am sure my neighbors do not appreciate. is it possible to train her to check her volume?

My Response:

You're looking at this from the wrong angle. Parakeets don't screech if they're happy. Something is wrong here that is causing your parakeet to screech. Sometimes parakeets screech if they are overheated and in pain. Other times parakeets screech if they are feeling incredibly lonely and neglected. You need to really examine the environment and make sure there isn't anyone smoking near your keets, nobody using teflon pans, no overheated vents or air conditioners freezing them. If it really comes down to boredom, it's time to get your keets some new toys, play them some music and interact with them more often.

Best of luck,


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