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Hey Lisa. How are you? I have been visiting your Parakeet page for a month learning tips on how to treat a Parakeet. I own two Parakeets. Their names are Slushy and Slurpee.

Today my brother was playing with Slushy and he accidently stepped on his tail and his feathers came out. Will his feathers grow back? I have been so concerned since that happened. I was crying the whole day.

Lisa's Answer
Parakeets pull each others' feathers out all the time when they're having cranky fits, so it's not a really unusual thing. Yes, it hurt the keet, but feathers fall out normally and then grow back in again. It's like your hair on your hair - if you cut it or pull it out, it'll grow back in again. So just talk gently to the keet, give it loving affection and it'll be fine. Just have your brother be more careful with his feet in the future :)

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