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I wanted to know if you know what it means when a parakeet bobs his head up and down like a yes? Mine did this and I did not know what she meant by it and I did the yes with my fingers back to her. She recently died and I miss her so I am getting a another bird, but saw your site and LOVED it thank you do much, and wanted to know if you knew about this behavior. Thanks

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I'm sorry to hear about your keet passing away! Was she an old keet? You might want to just check the house for teflon and chemicals and such if she was a young keet, before getting a new one. It's always good to be safe!

As for the bobbing, that is actually very normal, "typical" parakeet behavior and is the subject of many jokes.

179 Ways To Piss People Off


30. While making presentations, occasionally bob your head like a parakeet.

It's also a classic description in novels, of someone who is moving their head up and down. In any case, when mom parakeets are regurgitating food for their babies they move their head up and down like that to help with it. So it becomes a head motion of love or happiness. Parakeets do that against mirrors all the time, to show their love for their reflection :)

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