My Parakeet Won't Take a Bath - is she Lonely?

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Hello Lisa, how nice of you to have this website and to make yourself available.

I bought a little turquoise parakeet a week ago. This is my first bird ever. I read a book about these birds but I still have a lot of questions. But I'll go easy on you.

My first instinct was to buy two parakeets so they can play together and keep eachother company while I am working. But at the store a lady told me that if I buy two, they won't pay any attention to me when I talk to them. They'll basically ignore us (my husband and daughter).

So since I was hoping to train KOKO to come on my finger and shoulder which he already does and possibly learn a word or two, well. I got only one.

I initially bought a cage that I already exchange for a bigger one. It is now 16" in lenght, 11" in width and 18" height (dome shape).

So what do you think? My husband thinks that it is selfish of us not to get another bird. When I went to the pet store today, I looked at all the parakeets together, they seem to socialize a lot together.

If I get another one, should it be a male too or it doesn't matter? (I am not looking to breed) and will Koko accept just any new bird. And is this cage big enough or should I exchange it for a bigger one?

Do you think that he is really miserable alone?

When you say to give berries, do you mean anyone like strawberry, rasberry, blackberry, blueberry?

Is it okay to spray the bird with mountain spring water in the morning once every 4 or 5 days instead of a saucer with water in it for a bath? Because I put the saucer in twice for the morning period but it does not look like he used it. It's a 1" deep saucer. He might not even know that there is water in there.

Well, I'll keep my others questions for another time. Thank you so much in advance and may you choose to have a beautiful day.

Lisa's Answer
It is definitely best at the beginning to start with just one bird, if you want him to talk. Birds need to learn they are part of YOUR flock and to talk like you. After around 6-8 months the bird will either be talking or not be a talker, at which point you can get a second friend to enlarge the flock. But I'd start with just one at the beginning if your aim is to get him to talk. Be sure to spend a lot of time with him every day so he's not lonely, and so he learns to talk like you and trust you.

I'd get another male if you don't want baby parakeets :)

Sure, any berries are fine, plus lots of fruits and veggies too. Parakeets love nice, varied diets. Mine love pizza :)

I really wouldn't just spray your parakeet. Mine LOVE to actually soak in the tub and splash around wildly. You can't do that with mist. I would get a better tub for your keet that is more bathtub like. You can't splash much in a saucer. Parakeets don't like to go "down" so if you leave it at the bottom of his cage he probably won't use it. It's better to put it up on top of the cage or on another high surface that he hangs out on, with his toys and millet and such. That way when he's out playing and enjoying life, he'll jump in there for a splash.

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