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I am so glad I came to your website. The info about Parakeets is very useful.

We started with a yound green, male Budgie. He has a comfortable cage, left open for him to roam as he pleases (he doesn't much, likes his cage, homebody).....we were told NOT to get another bird, in order for Boomer to talk more and become attached to us. He has appeared sad lately. Kinda quiet...reserved (like an old man, which he isn't)

Well, I have a dog and cat rescue group, petpalsforlife ....and a lady called with a white female parakeet (American) named Pearl....10 months old. Couldn't keep and did not want to take to Shelter. I took her to find her a good home...well I did. MINE. She and Boomer love each other and it only took a day and night.....they can't be kept apart. Boomer 's personality has bloomed since Miz Pearl came on board. The birds have their own cage, toys, etc. but we drawbridged the cages so they can visit or not. Having a great time....and I'm glad I read your info about two birds, the flock theory, yes, it's true. These two birds are very entertaining, happy, content.

Question??? I didn't see this one your web... but they won't mate and make babies, will they???? Don't breed in captivity?? Right? Thanks.

She is a white Parakeet, he is a green with blue collar, trim. Will she turn pink if fed pink food???? Like Flamingos? What can you tell me about white parakeets...she seems smarter and more active than him....??? THX

Lisa's Answer
LOL of COURSE parakeets will breed! You run a pet rescue group - you know that pet dogs will breed, pet cats will breed, so pet birds breed VERY easily. That's how you get baby pets :) In fact it has been illegal for MANY many years to take parakeets out of the wild, so the ONLY way that all of these millions of parakeets exist around the world is that parakeet lovers are breeding them in cages. That's part of why they are so popular - they are incredibly easy to breed. I wouldn't be surprised if you had little parakeet eggs in one of those cages soon. It's up to you to encourage or discourage this :) Who knows, it could be a new side hobby for you, if you wanted to get into that!

If you DO want to breed them, please make sure you get them checked out by a vet to make sure they're healthy, and make sure you have a book on breeding and the appropriate medical kit. You need to make sure if she gets egg bound or another emergency occurs that you are ready for it.

Flamingos are pink because of the special algae that they eat and how it interacts with their bodies :) Certainly all the other birds who eat that algae don't turn pink too! So it's not a universal all-creatures-turn-pink sort of thing.Your parakeet won't turn pink. I can't think of any pink food that is healthy to feed to a parakeet! You should be feeding them spinach, corn, green beans, some seed, and so on.

Parakeet colors are like hair color on humans. It has NOTHING to do with how their brains function :) It's just a decoration!

I'm glad to hear that your newly adopted parakeet is fitting right in! What a happy ending to a story :)

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